1. Thanks for this super duper tut. At first glance, it looked very lengthy but once I did it, it was very short and easy. NO method worked for me earlier. My J5 2016 model is now mine once again.

    1. Thank you very very very much, this method worked for me, although it scared me first and i thought i will not be able, when i started it was easier than i thought, i don’t know how i thank you enough if you were close to me i would have given you a hug!!!!!

    2. When I put my number in to call 300XXXX it doesn’t ring. What can I do to solve this problem in Real Term Serial Capture?

      1. Don’t make a call to 0300xxxxx, instead of that use any local number which can accept your call. If you have any other number, dial that.

          1. No, not necessarily an international number, any local number. The main purpose of this step is to invoke the Internet which is only possible if your call is accepted by the other end. You can use any number which can collect your call.

          2. I think you didn’t read the post properly. Read it again or ask someone near you to explain it to you.

  2. OTG And SIDESYNC method is not working on my phone because its 2016 version , now i am following your method my google account successfully removed… !
    Bro Thank you so much
    Love you

  3. Many many thanks, i exactly followed and solved the issue in my friends phone j5. I am going through same issue,” previous email required”. I am very satisfied with this post. Thank you once again.
    searched many websited googled many time for days but today i got it solved .


  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I can get most of the way through but can’t seem tovget proper access to the samaung app store, so I can download ES File Explorer, but I can’t run it. Any ideas?

  5. In the last Step 4, the current J5 doesnt NOT have the “Type Email and Password”, its replaced by “ERROR”. However, if you try to access it, it DOES NOT show the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen, even with Google Chrome set as your main browser. So yeah I give up.

  6. That was awesome. Thank you very much for your great help. It work for me a lot. I deeply appreciate you endeavor for helping people.
    Thank you so much

  7. Your awesome , finally i’m done with my J510 (2016) gmail bypass problem. i try so many way to fix this, but finally your way did it bro. many many THANKSSSSSSSS !!

    1. And FYI .. at the beginning step on using “Realterm: serial capture program” , on step klik CHANGE, if that’s not working … just try to click “OPEN” first, so the CTS and DSR status will change to green indicator. because at the first time i follow your way, that indicator was not change and just same like before. and it’s DONE after i click OPEN first. ^^

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