How to Disable Find My iPhone in iOS 7 Without Password Courtesy of Latest Bug

Video thumbnail for youtube video How to Disable Find My iPhone in iOS 7 Without Password Courtesy of Latest Bug Apple introduced few more security measurers, besides the usual Passcode, to make the iPhone useless after it has be stolen or robbed in the latest iOS 7 version. Now the device asks you to enter password every time you want to disable the Find My iPhone and to deactivate the same Find My iPhone feature before restoring to new firmware.  … Read More

What Changes Coming in iOS 8: Health, iWatch and Payment for Physical Goods

iWatch Concept with health There are rumors floating around the web that Apple is going to introduce a new app for health and fitness in the upcoming iOS 8. As you all know that the Cupertino company always tries to hide the upcoming features and changes till the last moment but even then the internal matters leak sometime, and so is the case with iOS 8.  … Read More

iMessage App for Android Available in Play Store, Sends Messages Across All Devices

Video thumbnail for youtube video iMessage App for Android Available in Play Store, Sends Messages Across All Devices iMessage is the popular feature present in Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to Mac, which allows the users to send messages to other users using the internet, without using any SMS plan. Now an app, iMessage Chat, appears in the Play Store, that lets android users to send the messages to others having any Apple device.  … Read More

Apple’s Media Event for iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 etc to be Held on October 15th?

iPad Mini 2 Here is another rumour emerges for the designed-in-California gadgets’ lovers. According to a french site MacGeneration, Apple is going to hold a media event on October 15th. Thought the exact media event date and what will be present in the event is still not officially confirmed, but if there is any event going to be held in next month then it would be the best time to announce next generation iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 and refreshed Mac series.  … Read More

FaceTime Audio – New Feature in iOS 7 Bundled with iPhone 5S / 5C

facetime-audio FaceTime Audio is a new feature in iOS 7 which lets the users to talk to others having any Apple device just like Skype audio call. I might be wrong but what I think is these days Apple events and conferences are not as much comprehensive as these were in the time of Steve Jobs.  … Read More

Everything You Need to Know about iOS 7 Beta 4

lockscreen Everyone was expecting it and there it is. iOS 7 beta 4 is out now in the developer centre with bunch of new changes and many bug fixes. With every new release this revamped version is getting better and better. What’s New in it: 1) The first change you’ll see is present on the lockscreen.  … Read More

Apple Announces OS X Mavericks

Mavericks Here is another updated version of Apple’s popular Mac Operating System and this time is given a totally different and new name that is OS X Mavericks. It brings a lot of new features. We will discuss all the features in details later after the WWDC 2013 over, but the key features include: Finder Tabs Multiple Displays Tagging Improved Memory and Power usage Improved Safari with deep twitter integration iCloud Keychain New notifications with notifications from iOS directed to Mac.  … Read More

Watch Live Streaming of iPad Mini Event Free

apple-tv-ipad-meni-event It seems Apple is going to live stream the media event, which is about to begin within next few hours, for Apple TV users. A new icon is now available on ATV screen with the name of “Apple Events”. It is still unclear whether Apple will also live stream this event on its website or not.  … Read More

iPad Mini Event Time and Live Coverage

iPad-mini Apple’s October event is about to start in few hours. Soon we all are going to see Tim Cook on stage to announce one more product for iPad family. Apart from a new line, the existing New iPad (3rd Generations) is also being expected to be refreshed.  … Read More