How to Download Videos and Files Directly In External Memory Card on Galaxy S3 / S4 without Rooting

downloaderUsually I don’t write about the android applications but this app really saved a lot of time for me. Before I found this app, I tested many applications available in the Google PlayStore but none of them worked. Few months back when I purchased my first android based Samsung Galaxy S3 handset, one thing I liked, besides many others, was its feature to support the external memory card.  … Read More

How to Install Ubuntu Touch OS on Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy-s3-ubuntuAs you all know that Ubuntu is one of the highly organised and free operating system for desktop PCs. Now it has made its way to smaller screens. It is still under testing to reach the first public build for smartphones and tablets.  … Read More

LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 Inches vs Galaxy Note 2 Comparison

LG Optimus Pro 5.5LG has just announced the next major smartphone of 2013 by adding the name “Pro” to its popular Optimus G family. LG Optimus G Pro sports 5.5 inches stunning display with powerful processor and better screen resolution. Apparently this device looks similar to Galaxy Note 2, however the internal features show a little different story especially when comparing the display and the camera.  … Read More

T-Mobile Follows Verizon And Backs Samsung In The Apple-Samsung Patent War

The patent war between the tech giant, Apple and the Korean gadget producing company, Samsung is going on with neither side giving in. Since Apple sued Samsung for infringing of Apple’s patents, this war has gain momentum. Just this previous Friday, news came that Verizon has submitted request to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California to file an amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,”, therefore giving Verizon the opportunity to intervene as a third-party in the case, and thereby help Samsung against Apple’s lawsuits.  … Read More

Samsung S II LTE And Samsung S II LTE HD Announced For The Korean Market

It seems Samsuung will not give up, and it shouldn’t, in the Apple-Samsung war. Just a few days ago, it asked for a ban on Apple’s 3G products in the Netherland, and just yesterday it eceived support from Verizon. Samsung S II is already a big competitor of Apple’s iPhone 4 but last month Samsung unveiled the Samsung S II LTE along with Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE just before the IFA trade show.  … Read More

Verizon Backing Samsung In Samsung Vs Apple Patent War

Samsung and Apple have been on the war line since a couple of months. They have a kind of patent war going on. Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple sued Samsung for infringement of Apple’s patents, and eventually succeeded in banning Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany.  … Read More

Samsung Planning To Sue Apple in Korea – Just Waiting For iPhone 5 To Land

Samsung – the South Korean gadget developing company was sued by Apple for infringing some patents just a few weeks ago. After being found guilty, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was officially banned in Germany. The same thing happened to its GalTab 7.7 in Britain at IFA when they were pulled off the shelves.  … Read More

Samsung Hires HP Exec, Another Step Towards Buying WebOS or PC Business?

Earlier Samsung was rumored of buying Web OS from Hp but today a new move from the Korean company strengthens the rumor. Samsung has hired HP’s ex-vice president of PSG marketing Raymond Wah to handle Samsung’s PC sales. Besides this hiring there are other two factors which point us to believe on this rumor.  … Read More