Emoji Keyboard is Hidden in iOS 7. Here is How to Enable it

settingsEvery regular user of text messages wants to be quicker, responsive, concise and expressive. But if there are some icons available to convey the message in small pictures, he really loves to use them now and then. And a time comes when he can’t live without such tiny icons to include in the SMS and other messaging apps.  … Read More

Transfer Files Between Mac OS X Mavericks and Android Phone on WiFi [Easy Way]

Screenshot_2013-12-05-09-05-18There are many applications and methods which allow you to transfer the files between your Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and android device. But every method has its own pros and cons. Some apps work best when you are sitting in front of your Mac machine like AirDroid, which is a popular web-based utility to transfer the files wirelessly.  … Read More

How to Install Ubuntu Touch OS on Samsung Galaxy S3

galaxy-s3-ubuntuAs you all know that Ubuntu is one of the highly organised and free operating system for desktop PCs. Now it has made its way to smaller screens. It is still under testing to reach the first public build for smartphones and tablets.  … Read More

How to Enter DFU Mode on iPhone Even If Home or Power Button is Broken

DFU-Mode-Without HomebuttonIf you are following the update, you already know that the latest build of Redsn0w brings a new feature called “DFU IPSW” which allows the users to put their devices into DFU mode without pressing the home/sleep buttons. This feature is also helpful for novices who don’t know how to enter DFU mode though the required buttons are still intact on their iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.  … Read More

How to Officially Unlock iPhone 4S Without Losing Jailbreak

iphone_4s_official_unlockAT&T is already unlocking the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS devices officially. Unlocking is performed to free the device from any network restrictions. After the device is successfully unlocked, one can use the SIM card of any carrier around the globe.