How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Phone and Tab Without Any Hack

download-facebook-videos-androidThe recent versions of Facebook app for Android and iOS platform do not allow us to download the videos and save them on the phone or tablet. There might be many reasons behind removing this features. But fortunately we have found a working solution to download the videos using the method mentioned after the break.  … Read More

How to Detect And Remove DNSChanger Malware

dnschanger malwareDNSChanger is a malware which if installed on your computer gets access to registry and changes the values of DNS. What happens next is a scary story. Apparently you won’t see any changes on your computer, meaning no warnings from the antivirus and malware programs installed on your PC, no crash down of any software, no hanging of PC.  … Read More

New Twitter Rollout Complete, Old Twitter Laid To Rest

Twitter, the popular micro blogging platform, has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is now a force to be reckoned within the social media landscape. Initial skeptics of twitter who were skeptical of the unorthodox nature of the way information is shared on twitter are now some of its strongest supporters as a top tier social media platform.  … Read More