I0nic Jailbreaks iOS 5.1.1 on iPad 3

ipad 3-iOS-5.1.1-jailbreakSince Geohot left the iOS jailbreaking scene, no other hacker came forward with a working bootrom level exploit. The existing most powerful bootrom level exploit which works only on A4 based chips (i.e., iPhone 4, iPad 1) and on older devices was discovered by Geohot and it is the same exploit which is used by MusclerNerd in the latest version of Redsnow.  … Read More

Official TwitPic App for iPhone Hits App Store

twitpic appThere are already many non-official iPhone apps available to view the pictures shared on TwitPic site, but now an official TwitPic app for iPhone is released. Besides a lot of features, this app is free to download. TwitPic app allows you to share pictures and videos with your twitter followers with just few clicks.  … Read More

Pod2g Found Two New Vulnerabilities for iOS 5.1 Jailbreak

pod2g exploitsSuch articles like this one, which only tell about the one half of the story and never have the exact timeline, may irritate the readers and those users who are anxiously waiting for iOS 5.1 jailbreak. But these articles are definitely a good source of hope for many users.  … Read More

Run Apps in Windows on iPad with Quasar

quasarDo you want to run multiple apps on your iPad screen? Do you love reading the tweets of your friends while performing some other tasks on your iPad? Well, if you want to open the apps in windows just like on your computer and want to get the real multitasking, Quasar jailbreak tweak is your solution.  … Read More