Certificate Backup App Saves and Restores Push and YouTube Certificates on Hacktivated iPhone

certificatebackup3One of the common problems the users of hacktivated iPhone face is the inability of their iPhone to get push notifications. Some users can not connect to youtube servers using the official youtube app on these hacktivated devices. These types of problems arise because we activate the iPhone with Redsn0w or with some other app instead of using the official method which involves connecting the iPhone with iTunes after successful upgrade or restore of iOS on the device.  … Read More

iPhone 5 to Feature 4 Inch Screen Size

iphone 5 screen sizeRumors about next generation iPhone 5 often come out from this and that source but this time two top leading news sites WSJ and Reuters report that iPhone 5 will have larger 4″ screen size. Smartphones with large screen are very common and popular among mobile lovers these days.  … Read More