iPhone 5 With A Smaller Screen And A Metal Back?

Yet another piece of information has come to light regarding the elusive details of the iPhone 5. Frankly, it’s gets a little difficult to make head and toe with all the reports that come out and contradict each other. But that is what the rumor mill is all about.  … Read More

Galaxy S II LTE And Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE Announced By Samsung

Samsung has announced Galaxy S II LTE and Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE, unexpectedly before the IFA trade show,  which takes place in Berlin from 2 to 7 September. It was expected that Samsung would announce the latest version of their devices in the IFA trade show but Samsung has got ahead trying to top the market with their new technologies.  … Read More

Google+ Improving Itself, Now Making “Unfriending” Polite [How to Un-Friend]

Relationships on Google are online, linking the people closer, but it can seem a bit rude if you remove someone from your circle and can affect the relationships of those people in your real life. Facebook is suffering from the same kind of problem, but now Google+ has found a way around this providing you three choices to remove someone without making the person, who is removed, annoyed.  … Read More

Latest Apps for Tracking Hurricane-Irene, Feel Safe

Hurricane Irene, the hurricane striking destruction in America for the last few days, swept over Eastern South Carolina. According to forecasters, the hurricane dropped down to Category 1 storm with maximum speed of 85mph, but still it can cast enough destruction to be going on with.  … Read More

Steve Job’s First Image After Resignation

It came as a shock for Apple lovers that Steve Jobs (the pioneer of Apple) resigned on this Wednesday. The reason of his resignation was given that he was ill, which is no surprise seeing that he has suffered from a pancreatic cancer and has had to abandon his post as CEO quite frequently for medical reasons.  … Read More

Boat Browser: The Ultimate Choice For Android

From the long list of browsers for Android, Boat Browser has been known to rock the list. The primary reason for this larger variety of choice is Android’s philosophy of Freedom. Unlike Apple, Android has no app restrictions on its devices.  … Read More