What Changes Coming in iOS 8: Health, iWatch and Payment for Physical Goods

iWatch Concept with health There are rumors floating around the web that Apple is going to introduce a new app for health and fitness in the upcoming iOS 8. As you all know that the Cupertino company always tries to hide the upcoming features and changes till the last moment but even then the internal matters leak sometime, and so is the case with iOS 8.  … Read More

UnlockID Allows You to Unlock Mac Using iPhone TouchID

Video thumbnail for youtube video UnlockID Tweak Unlocks Mac and Fills Web Passwords Using iPhone TouchID The first tweak of its type is now available in Cydia store which allows the  users to un-lock their Mac computers using the TouchID feature of iPhone 5S. When you are near to your PC, you can use your fingerprints on iPhone home button sensor to bypass the lock-screen without pressing the keys on keyboard.  … Read More