HTC Mozart's Specifications Leak, Coming in October

Before the Windows Phone 7 OS is launched officially, the specs of another WP7 based phone leaks in wild. This smartphone will be released in Uk where all five major operators will have the WP7 phones in stock. Though the exact release date is not revealed but it is definitely coming late October.  … Read More

Infiniboard Gets an Update to Support FolderEnhancer

Yesterday both FolderEnhacer and Gridlock were updated to bring the mutual compatibility while fixing the major issues like Springboard crash. Today Infiniboard is also updated to version 1.5.3 to resolve any issues with FolderEnhancer. Chpwn, the developer of Infiniboard, just tweeted that a new version is coming in few minutes and this new update will be available for all jailbroken idevices via Cydia Store.  … Read More

FolderEnhancer (v1.0.2) and Gridlock (v1.1.2) Updated to Support Each Other

If you are using the both FolderEnhancer and Gridlock apps on your iPhone and facing any problem related to layout or icons, just open the cydia store and re-install these apps because they have been updated to fix such problems. FolderEnhancer (v1.0.2): Includes fixes for Gridlock (unsaved layouts) and Iconoclasm (max 16 icons per page) issues.  … Read More

How to Put an Apple TV into DFU Mode

Yesterday MuscleNerd, a member of iPhone Dev Team, confirmed  Apple TV jailbreak using the SHAttered exploit. Though it is still unclear what we can do after the jailbreaking and how we can run the apps on Apple TV, but the day is not very far when we will be able to run third party apps on it because Steve Jobs has already indicated that an Apps Store for Apple TV could be opened in near future.  … Read More

iPad Internet Tethering will be Region Specific?

Apple released iOS 4.2 beta 2 for developers yesterday morning with new features like redefined animation for iPad multitasking and YouTube upload option, but a mysterious feature is discovered by 9t05mac tha will enable your iPad to tether. This new internet tethering option was found on iPad 3G after updating to iOS 4.2 beta 2 on European Wireless Carrier and it doesn’t appear on AT&T devices yet.  … Read More