$60,000 Worth iPads Stolen In Just 60 Seconds

Time does certainly has a value. For those who don’t believe it, just consider having a loss of $60,000 worth iPads in just a minute. Even if you can’t, Best Buy is certainly considering it so. Because, a minute cost them a fortune.

iPads Owned By Best Buy

So now, Florida police are looking for three men, who stole iPads worth $60,000 in just 60 seconds. The whole story is that, on Monday morning, three men broke into a Best Buy store early on Monday morning and stole around 60-90 iPads. Best Buy report that, those three men were specifically looking for iPads.

According to a report by Naples News

Lee Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an alarm activation at Best Buy located in Coconut Point, 8000 Mediterranean Drive, Estero, just before 5 a.m. They found the rear door pried open and merchandise on the ground.

The store’s manager said an initial check showed a cage door pried open and 60 to 90 Apple iPads missing. The manager estimates the value to be about $60,000.00, according to reports.

The report includes that all the three men were dressed in black and wearing gloves, and it  took them only a minute to search and clear out with the iPads. Were they hoping to make a robbery record? Well, if they were, they would be surely disappointed as the Cult Of Mac reports

It’s fast, but still not the record for an iBreak in. Thieves in Ohio took just 30 seconds to empty an Apple retailer of 24 laptops and an iPad back in May.

Can you break this record?

Note: Please don’t take this seriously, or we are likely to hear a lawsuit from Best Buy or Apple knocking at our door!

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