64GB iPhone Release A Strong Possibility

A recent memo has fueled the rumor of a possible release of Apple’s iPhone 4 in a 64GB variant; twice the largest capacity currently available for purchase as of now. While this is not new as bigger storage capacity for the iPhone 4 has been rumored since the beginning of its initial launch as well as at the time of launch of the White iPhone 4, it just could not materialize uptil now. This time around though, it is very likely that Apple would finally release a 64GB variant. Read on to know why.



According to the memo shown above, which is being circulated by a third-party Verizon retailer named  Russell Cellular, the author has clearly stated about a 64GB iPhone alongside the currently in production 32Gb iPhone. While some might argue that this could very well be a typo, we believe that there is no reason this time around that could cause Apple not to release a 64GB variant.

Why the Apple  iPhone 4 is missing this additional storage is a question that could be best answered only by Apple because the iPod Touch, which is basically just like an iPhone sans the functionality of a cell phone, is available in both 32Gb and 64GB variants. So it is clear that Production of a 64Gb iPhone is not a problem for Apple as the current assembly line would be more than capable of churning out a 64 GB variant easily.

Now it is not clear whether Apple would release an updated version of the iPhone 4 this September which is being termed as the iPhone 4S or come out with the next generation iPhone 5, but all signs point to the availability of a 64GB variant in either of the two possible release candidates.

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