How to Access Google Buzz on Unsupported Mobiles

google buzz on unsupported mobiles

There are different ways to access Google Buzz on your phone. But the web app for Google Buzz gives the complete control over posting and viewing the buzzes.

If you visit the official page of Google Buzz for Mobile, you will see that only two types of phones (iPhone and Android 2.0+) can enjoy the full features of Google Buzz Web App. However if you are using Symbian or Windows Mobile based mobile, you can not access the Google Buzz page with the official URL

I also tried many times to access the google buzz on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and entered different URLs like , , etc but failed.

Then I searched the internet and found a URL that could be used to access the Google Buzz on unsupported devices. I tried it on Nokia 5800 and it worked flawlessly. While accessing the Google Buzz Mobile with this address, you can use all the features of Google Buzz as the iPhone users do.

If you enter this address, you will see the following page. Ignore the warning and tap on “Continue on Unsupported Device”.

google buzz for n97However if you don’t want to see this warning message, enter this address in you mobile browser:

You can bookmark the current address to access it with one click and without seeing the unsupported warning page.

Here are the screenshots of Google Buzz Mobile on Nokia 5800.

google buzz 2

google buzz 3

You can use the “Help” link on bottom-right side to read the basic tips and usage instructions for Google Buzz for Mobile.

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