Add Contacts as Icons on iPhone Homescreen with Homescreen Contacts Tweak

You all are familiar with the Favorite tab of phone app which works like speed dial. You can add the contacts to this favorite list and call them with few clicks. But now you can also pin your favorite contacts on the homescreen using the Homescreen Contacts tweak available through Cydia store.

Apart from simple dialing the number, this new tweak gives you some extra features. You can send the message to the contact and even more make a facetime call to him/her. After installing this tweak you will see a new option at the bottom of every contact’s details page which will allow you to add that contact on Homescreen. If you have assigned a specific picture to the contact, this tweak will take that pic and make the icon out of it, otherwise it will use the default picture. You can change the icon image at any time using the Preferences of Homescreen Contacts.

This tweak works just like a folder. After tapping on the icon, it will open with folder-like animation providing you the available options.

This tweak is available on Cydia store with the price tag of $1.99. If you want to impress your friends or want to take contacts to next level, this price is worth paying for Homescreen Contacts.

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