How to Add Facebook Events and Birthday Entries to iPhone Calendar on iCloud

How to Get Facebook Events and Birthday Calendars on iPhone

As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social media. It is used by millions of users daily to share the information across the globe. After every few days, it is updated with new features and changes. One feature of which are interested in this article is events management. By using Events, one can follow, share and participate in different upcoming events, like concerts, public gatherings, seminars, travelings, sports and birthday functions etc.

Though the Events feature is purely for active Facebook users, but one can also get the alerts and updates without visiting the Facebook. Thanks to the team at Facebook who has developed a script which can be used to export all the events and calendar entries and added to the iPhone’s native calendar app.

After we have got all the Events entries on our iPhone, we don’t need to visit Facebook on our mobiles or on a desktop to get the latest alerts about upcoming happenings.

How to Get Facebook Events and Birthday Calendars on iPhone

To get the Facebook events and birthday calendars on iPhone, here is the step by step complete procedure.

The first part is done on your PC. We have to get the link from the Facebook web page and add it to any calendar software. In our case, we will be using Apple’s Calendar app.

The script looks for a compatible calendar application/software on the PC and exports all the entries to it. Later the entries are regularly updated and synchronized according to the time set in the settings of the concerned application.

How to Add Facebook Calendars and Events on iPhone:

1) First of all log into your Facebook account on your PC’s browser. (You can manage multiple Facebook accounts on a single browser using this Chrome extension)

2) Click on Events on the left sidebar of the Facebook’s main screen.

3) When the Events page has been fully loaded, scroll down and look for this text at the bottom of the right sidebar.

how to import upcoming events from facebook to iPhone calendar

You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. Once you add them, they’ll stay updated. Learn More.

Upcoming Events


You can get two types of Facebook Calendars on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device.

  • Upcoming Events
  • Birthdays

Click on the appropriate link and wait for a moment until you see a pop up looking for your confirmation to launch Calendar app on your computer.

4) Click on “Allow” to fire up Calendar software.

5) In the next pop-up, click on Subscribe button so that all the Facebook entries are automatically merged into your Apple Calendar.

easy method to install facebook calendar on iphone calendar

6) The next window will provide some further options to fine-tune the controls. At this step it is very important that we select the location “iCloud” instead of “On my mac”, otherwise the Facebook calendar will be visible only on Mac’s Calendar application. But when we select “iCloud” option, all the events and birthdays are synchronized on all your devices, including iPhone.

step by step to show facebook events in iphone

7) If you don’t see “iCloud” option in the above step, go to System Preferences and click Internet Accounts on your Mac. From the listed accounts, select iCloud and enter your credentials to activate iCloud on your Mac.

turn on facebook calendars in icloud

It is also very important that you select the “Calendar” option under iCloud to start the synchronization across the devices.

How to Manage Facebook Events and Calendars on iPhone:

1) In order to manage Facebook events and birthdays on iPhone, open the Calendar app on iPhone.

2) Tap “Calendars” at the bottom of the app and then swipe down the screen. The app will update all the calendars and the recently added Facebook events will also show up in the list.

Update Facebook Calendar in iPhone

If you don’t see the Facebook calendar on your iPhone, make it sure you have turned on the Calendars in iCloud. For this purpose, go to Settings > Tap on your name > select iCloud > and turn on Calendars.

After turning on Calendars in iCloud, repeat the above two steps and you will see the new calendar in the app.

How to Delete Facebook Calendar on iPhone:

We can easily delete the Facebook calendar from the iPhone without using PC. Open the native Calendar app, tap “Calendars” at the bottom of the screen, then tap “Information Mark” to the right of the Facebook calendar. On the next screen scroll down to the bottom and there you’ll see delete calendar option.

how to delete facebook events birthdays from iPhone calendar

It is to be noted when we delete the Facebook calendar from the iPhone, it gets deleted from all the devices linked to that particular iCloud account.

We hope this guide will help you set up Facebook events on iPhone calendars smoothly.

PS: If you don’t know or don’t remember, Facebook has also released a standalone application for iPhone users with the name of “Facebook Events” available at the App Store. For those users who don’t want to merge the Facebook events with iPhone calendar, it is best advised to download that app which allows you to control all Events and Birthdays in a separate place. You can also add the calendars to it from others services like Google and Apple.

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