Adobe Photoshop Express 3.0 with Flat Design, New Filters and Revel Integration

Adobe has just updated its free photo editing app for iOS has updated to include many new features like Revel Integration and filters.

Adobe Photoshop Express

There are a lot of free photo editing applications available for download in Apple’s AppStore for iOS devices. Adobe’s Photoshop Express is considered one of best out of this category. It lets you optimise, apply new colour combinations and fine tune the images on the go.

The new version number which is raised to 3.0 gets a new look which seems inspired by iOS 7. According to Adobe:

“Streamlined experience helps you create the look you want, faster”

There are 20 new color filters included in the app. I am still testing these filters but I think the app could be a good alternative of Instagram if there is no need to share the pic with the friends.

new photoshop version 3


Photoshop Express 3.0 is now cloud based. You can save your photos on Adobe’s cloud system called Revel, re-download them anytime, re-edit and also save them in the private folder.

This is the first major update since the release of this app for iOS devices. I hope you would love it more than the previous versions.

We are waiting for your first impression thoughts.

It is compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models running on iOS 6.1 or above. This app is also optimised for iPhone 5, 5C and 5C models.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express 3.0

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