After Apple Hires Comex, Google+ Hires Source Code Snoop To Protect Its Source Code

An Austrian blogger and developer Florian Rohrweck recently discovered a lot of the upcoming feautures of Google+ by simplly digging around the source code of the newly developed social network. Rohrweck, was also the first to reveal Google+ Games before its launch and many other features such as sharing circles.


From some latest sources, we have come to know that, Google+ has now found a method to stop him by “HIRING HIM”. Google+ seems to following the footsteps of the tech giant, Apple, which just provided the famous iOS hacker Comex with an internship to stop him tinkering with the iOS and use his talents to fix exploits in the iOS.

Google+ has given Rohrweck the task of finding loop wholes in its source code, and help in securing it.

Google Plus

It was the code snooping and blogging about the upcoming features that made Google+ nervous, according to Rohrweck. He said that, “yep, it was my leaking and lurking that made them nervous!”

Its bad for us that we would not be able to see the upcoming features of Google+ before hand, but Google+ has to see what is good for it. Hey! wait! He is not the only one, there are many to perform such stuff.

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