All Kindle Models Announced By Amazon: Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire

Amazon’s event is still going on and so far the company has unveiled three types of Kindle on the stage. One is called, simply, Kindle, the other one is Kindle Touch and the third Kindle is Kindle Fire.

Here are the specifications of these models and their prices extracted from the event.

Kindle Fire:

Kindle Fire Tablet-Image

It is an android-powered tablet, built without the help of Google. It runs on a custom android OS. But all the apps from the android market can be installed on it. The important specifications of this tablet include:

  • 7-inch Touch Screen
  • Two-point multitouch screen
  • Custom Android OS
  • WiFi
  • The Apps pre-installed on it include Amazon’s Android Appstore, Kindle store, Amazon MP3, Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon Cloud Drive, Kindle Cloud Reader, Prime Instant Video, Fox and NBC universal.

The Kindle Fire tablet doesn’t contain camera, microphone and 3G connectivity. Kindle Fire’s price is just $199 and comes with 30-days of Amazon Prime.

Kindle Touch:

Kindle Touch Images

It is a touchscreen e-reader which has a tradition Kindle e-reader. However, it doesn’t contain any keyboard. It can be navigated in three touch zones. The touch is based on IR (infrared) touch instead of capacitive or resistive touch technology. It contains a new menu system called as EasyReach.

Kindle Touch Navigation

Kindle Touch Wifi version is priced at $99 while the 3G version will be released later with the price tag of $149.


In addition to the Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch, Amazon also announces a ultra-low price Kindle at the event in New York. It is the low price version of the traditional E-Ink Kindle. It’s price is just $79.

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