Amazon Kindle Specifications, Price, Release Date Surface Through Reliable Source

Earlier we have shared a rumor about Amazon Kindle Tablet but at that time it was very difficult to confirm it. This time we have a reliable person from TechCrunch who claims that the Kindle tablet exists and that he has actually played with it.

MG Siegler says the device is being tested at Amazon’s Seattle HQ. Mr. Siegler, in fact, got his hands on it but he was not allowed to take snaps of it.



After reading the article posted on TechCrunch we have extracted the following specifications of Amazon Kindle Tablet.

  • It will be called simply Amazon Kindle, no other name. But as you know the company has rights to change this name any time.
  • It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen. It is multi-touch but it relies on two finger multi-touch, instead of ten fingers like the iPad.
  • It will be running on Google’s Android operating system, but a custom version. It is to be noted that Amazon is not working with Google to manufacture this tablet. In other words, Google is not providing any support to manufacture this table except that Google’s open sourced Android OS will be used.
  • Apparently Amazon Kindle looks like BlacBerry’s PlayBook.
  • It is back-lit.
  • There is no physical button it. To pull up the Menu simply tap on the screen once. Tapping again on the screen will work like a home-button to go back to homescreen.
  • The first version will be WiFi only, but the company is negotiating with carriers to launch a 3G version.
  • It will be released with some pre-loaded apps and games like Pulse and Angry Birds.
  • The device contained only 6GB internal memory. The writer thinks that it will be cloud based device that’s why it has less memory.
  • And there is no camera, ah.

Release Date:

Amazon Kindle will released in October, according to the reports, but only 7-inch version. If this version gets a good response the more expensive 10-inch Kindle tablet will be released in Q1 2012.


So how much will the 7-inch Kindle cost? $250. Yes, most probably. [via TC]

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