Apple Announces Cards App to Send Cards from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple has just announced a new app “Cards” which will allow users to send the cards directly from iDevices. You select the design of your card, edit it and press the send button on the app and Apple will send a high quality physical card to the recipient. Here is what Scott Forstall tells about this app during “Let’s Talk iPhone Event”.

Cards. “Create and mail beautiful cards right from your iPhone or iPod touch.”

 “We’ll print it on high quality 100% cotton paper.” Nice! They’ll print it and mail it — push notification on mail delivery through USPS. “Very cool.” Applause. Hmm, paper. Okaaay

“We’ll affix Apple designed postage to the card.” Of course you will! $2.99 in the US, $4.99 anywhere else. Oct 12th.

Download Cards App:

Cards App will be available fro download from Apple’s App Store from October 12th. The app itself is free but the charges will be applied when you send a card to someone.

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