Apple Will Add A Diagnostic Tool To iOS 5 For Fixing iPhone And iPad [Rumor]

Rumors do never end about the upcoming iPhone, iPad or the new iOS 5. Now from some other reliable sources we have a solid report (though not confirmed), that Apple is working on a new diagnostic tool for iOS. The release of this new feature by Apple is expected with the release of the iOS 5.


This diagnostic tool will allow you to fix some problems with iPhone/iPad on web. The general idea is quite good. This whole system would be organized on the URL. Most probably, Apple would launch a website or add an extra feature in its own site, so when a user visits that website and agrees, the Mobile Safari would conduct an internal search of the whole system, and send a status report to Apple.

The main concern is about the users privacy. But we have heard that Apple has ensured user privacy in this system, and the data sent would only include unique identifier, or UDID, as well as the name of the owner. The list of information shared by the diagnostic tool will be:-

  • Battery health, including current charge level, amount of time since the last charge, and minimum level to which the battery was discharged.
  • iOS version installed.
  • Whether the handset was turned off normally the last time.


Now, we don’t know whether Apple will detect that the iPhone/iPad is jailbroken or not, though we hope it does not. So we advise the jailbreakers to please stay away from this diagnostic tool when it is released, until we get a satisfactory report from iPhone Dev Team.

We will keep you posted on this tool, so keep coming back. [via]

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