Apple Helps In Finding Of A Downed Plane In Chile With The Help Of “Find My iPhone”

Well, we’ve heard many advantages and uses of the Apple services as well as its devices. Well, you would really have been surprised by reading the title of this post. We’ll just give you a bit of background information about the “Find My iPhone” feature. This feature was introduced by Apple back in 2009, so as to use this feature to locate any iPhone remotely, to lock and also wipe in case of theft. Did you know that this feature could also be used to find missing people or even missing Planes? If you don’t, than you are likely to be surprised, or even maybe astounded.

If you are a regular news reader, than you must know that just last week a military airplane crashed somewhere in Chile before losing all radio contact and resulting in the death of all the 21 passengers aboard. Well, there was no way left to find the plane except one, using the “Find My iPhone”. Though the position of the plane is not yet discovered, but it is certain that one of the passenger had an iPhone so the Navy should seriously consider this solution, as this feature would almost exactly tell the location of the iPhone before it lost signals.


“Find My iPhone” is a brilliant feature built-in the iOS 4.2, originally made to find lost or stolen iPhones and is free for all the iPhone users by simply signing up with their Apple ID.

So good to see Apple, the number-one US gadget company working for a good cause. Will it give a good impression, as Apple has suffered a bit of a drop in its market shares since the resignation of Steve Jobs? (via Redmondpie)

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