Apple Is Announcing iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion And iCloud On Monday

Apple has finally confirmed via a press release that it is going to announce iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud on Monday June 6. CEO Steve Jobs is going to announce these new services in his keynote speech at the first day of WWDC 2011.

Let’s face it. We’re all really excited about iOS 5. There has been much speculation as to what changes Apple can make in iOS 5. We’ve heard rumors of over-the-air updates ability, deeply integrated voice recognition and event the removal of support for iPhone 3GS. Finally, on Monday we shall find out what Apple has to show us regarding iOS 5.

Mac OS X Lion on the other hand, is the eighth big release of Mac OS ever since it first came out. Mac users are really excited about the next major release to the platform, and we’re sure everybody wants to know what’s new in Mac OS X Lion.

iCloud is Apple’s latest cloud offer. We’d previously heard that iCloud was in beta testing. Now come Monday, Apple will finally unveil what its new cloud offering is all about. Something tells me that iOS 5 and iCloud combined can give considerable insight on what to expect, feature-wise, from the next generation iPhone.

We’ll be bringing all the updates from WWDC 2011, so don’t go away anywhere!

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