Apple Working On An iOS Based Television For 2012 [Report]

According to some reliable resources, it has come to our knowledge that Apple is indeed trying to develop an Apple branded television based on iOS. The exact release date is not yet confirmed but Apple would most probably release it in the second half of 2012. Their has been a lot of excitement on the news of an Apple Branded Television and Apple fans are being very supportive of this idea.


According to Venture Beat, they have been informed by multiple sources in support of the rumor of  an Apple Branded Television. This rumor has been spreading through the gadget industry for the past few months. Venture Beat further reported that, a-long-time Apple analyst Piper Jaffrey has predicted the production of Apple Television at the end of 2012 or in early 2013. Some other blogs have also posted about their opinions and analyses:-

  • It was mentioned by the Wall Street Journal that Apple is ” working on new technology to deliver video to televisions, and has been discussing whether to try to launch a subscription TV service.” 
  • While the Cult of Mac notes that this time would be best for Apple to launch its own television, as the other High ends Television prices are coming down, below a $1,000.
  • Even Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, had said in 2010 that Apple should start integrating its technology into television-sets.

The main reason for delay of launch of the Apple Television may be the prices of the LCD displays, but since the prices have dropped down alot. Apple maybe starting production of Apple Branded Television in the early 2012.

Personally, we think that it would be great for Apple to integrate its technology into Television set, as every field in which Apple has stepped into has turned gold.

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