Apple Will Abandon Samsung Chips, Rumors Say Apple Would Finish Any Commercial Links With Samsung

Samsung has been making chips for all the iPhone and iPads, but after defeats from the legal lawsuit of Apple, it is difficult that Samsung continues making the chips. According to some rumors, Apple may abandon the Samsung chips and produce chips from some other industry.

Apple has failed to create its own factory producing these chips, but now it seems that it would abandon the chips made by Samsung and would contact Siliconware Precision Industries society. This would cut out of Samsung, which until now has always produced materially CPUs for iPhone and iPad, including the A5 processor developed by Apple engineers.

Apple and Samsung logoIn fact, several Apple officials have been seen leaving the Apple headquarters, and visiting the small California company. From what we have gathered, the main aim of these visits would be to create a “home processor” mounting up to A6 3 chip for iPad and A6 for iPhones.

Apple is trying to completely cut off Samsung, basically because of two reasons, Samsung has been accused of copying iPhones, iPads and iOS operating system, and the other reason is that Samsung accused Apple M6383 battery of infringing its patents.

A 6 chips

Now, we just have to wait and see that what steps would apple take for the chips for the new iphone and ipad under the new CEO Tim Cooks.

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