Apple’s Fifth Avenue Glass Cube Plans Indicate A More Seamless Design

Apple’s fifth avenue store in Manhattan attracts a lot of attention, both from those willing to get their hands on the latest Apple merchandise and those willing to strike a pose in front of the iconic hulking glass structure. A study even concludes that the fifth avenue store and its Glass cube is one of the most photographed structures in Manhattan. The site has been covered up since last June, undergoing the saw for quite some time.  Now Apple has placed some details of the new glass cube design that they intend to build.

Apple intends to reduce the number of glass panes in the cube to 15 seamless glass segments, down from the original 90 panels. Original planning documents of the store indicated general repairs and modifications would be carried out on the store but the fate of the glass cube was uncertain, as it was not indicated. Now however Apple has made aware of their plans for the new glass cube:

We’re simplifying the Fifth Avenue cube. By using larger, seamless pieces of glass, we’re using just 15 panes instead of 90

The whole thing is going to cost Apple around $7 Million, nothing much for the behemoth that the company is. The reduction in the number of panels would create a more seamless and refined look. However fewer panes would demand for stronger and bigger individual panels, naturally a challenge for glass manufacturers.  The original glass cube was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

Apple intends to build a bigger and better store for one of its busiest retail outlets in the world. We just hope that it turns out as another one of Manhattan’s iconic landmarks.


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