Apple’s iPhone Event on October 4 Confirmed, Sends Out Invitations

Apple has, at last, formally announced its upcoming media event which will be happening on October 4th at 10pm Pacific Daylight Time on Apple’s Campus in Cupertino. Apple is sending out invitation tagged with “Lets Talk iPhone”.


The invitation graphic which is being sent out includes four icons (Calendar, Clock, Maps and iPhone) as shown above. The calendar and clock icons show the date and time of the event but what is meant by other icons is still hidden. The iPhone icons showing “1” missed call might also indicate that only one iPhone (iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S) will be announced at the event, but it is still a speculation.

Apple fans are wondering what else, other than new iPhone, will be released on October 4th. Apple TV? White iPod Touch 5G?

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will be on stage this time to announce the new gadget. Apart from iPhone 5, Apple will also make iOS available to the public.

Stay tune to this site and we will keep posting what is announced at the event.

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  1. kshinosays:

    the map icon shows the location of the event, the design of the icon is actually a small-scale google map of the Apple’s Campus

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