Attach Any File To Your iPhone’s/iPad’s Email With The Help Of AnyAttach(Tweak)

We are back again with a new jailbreak tweak. If you are an iOS user, you must know that Apple has a lot of control on your iDevice, and restricts you to less functionality. But there is always a way as in this case, you can jailbreak your device to extend the functionality as well as the circumstances which Apple has forced on you.


Currently, the only files that can be attached to an email of your idevice are images or video clips from your stock photo album, or  a very few amount of minor things. This was the condition before, but now you can attach any types of files with the help of this new jailbreak tweak “AnyAttach”.

AnyAttach is compatible with all idevices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Though, with the news of iOS 5 coming up, their might be no need of this app because Apple is rumored to be adding a number of new features.

This small jailbreak tweak, AnyAttach comes at a price of $1.99 at the BigBoss repo. This tweak works by integration into the mail sender. The simple procedure to install this tweak is

  • Get this tweak from the BigBoss repo.
  • Respring your idevice.
  • Now, just tap the paperclip button in your Mail app to add any attachment.

Well, if you are an iOS user, this app is definitely worth a try. Note that you must have a jailbroken iOS device to use this tweak.

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