Bing 1.1 for iPad Gets Update, Search Without Search Box Using Lasso Tool

Microsoft has posted on its Bing blog that a updated version of Bing app, that is Bing 1.1, has been updated for iPad users. This new version brings a new feature called Lasso tool which enables iPad users to search any term/query without typing and using any search box.

Lasso tool reduces nine painful steps of searching on iPad including copy pasting content to 2 steps only. All you have to do is to encircle the term/text you want to search and click on “Search’” option.

We’re pleased to release an update to Bing for iPad, rolling out later today in the app store. In this release we made some improvements that you asked for and are excited to introduce a new feature called Lasso. Designed for touch-friendly devices, Lasso is a new way to search with the touch of a finger.

From our research, we know that many searches are inspired by things people see on the web. Today, it can be somewhat painful to search on a tablet when you’re engaged in reading something; just copying and pasting pieces of text from a webpage to a search box can take up to nine steps on the iPad. With Lasso you can circle and search in just two steps.

This release also includes: an improved movie experience that now lets you view multiple showtime days and theaters, the ability to swipe through the last six Bing homepage images, and hundreds of quality and performance improvements based on what we heard from you.

If you have already installed Bing on your iPad, you will get an update notification in App Store. Otherwise, you will be able to download it from iTunes later today.

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