Are You Receiving Emails from Unknown Google+ Users? Here is How to Block Them

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Google has introduced a new feature for all Google+ users which allows them to send an email to any other Google plus user even you don’t know his/her email address. Though this new feature might be helpful for many users who want to get the message without telling the email but it might be annoying for others who don’t want to enable it.

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“Email via Google+” feature is turned on by default. Meaning anyone who is using Google’s network can contact you. Here is how it works.

If a Google +er sends you an email via the Google+ profile, you’ll have to reply or add the user to your circle in order to get the further messages in Gmail inbox. If you don’t do so, the sender won’t be able to initiate further conversation. But even then they can send you more emails by using the reply button.

send email using reply

To completely block the sender so that you don’t get more emails, you’ll have to use Report Spam option which can be accessed by clicking on small “downward” arrow on the right upper corner while viewing the individual email.

Report spam to block further emails

In order to disable this feature, open the Gmails settings and go to “Email via Google+” section. From the dropdown menu select the desired option. If you want to get the emails from circles only, select “Circles”. If you completely remove this feature, select “No one” and you wouldn’t get any email from other G+ user. Now only those users can send you the emails you have your address.

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Well, the opting out or opting in this feature is purely depends on your needs and business model. So we won’t recommend you any specific setting. It’s all up to you how you want to interact with other people.

More details about this Email via Google+ feature can be found on official document page.

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