Boat Browser: The Ultimate Choice For Android

From the long list of browsers for Android, Boat Browser has been known to rock the list. The primary reason for this larger variety of choice is Android’s philosophy of Freedom. Unlike Apple, Android has no app restrictions on its devices. Because of this freedom of apps, many browsers have popped up on Android Marketplace, though the name on the top of the list is Boat Browser.

Logo of Boat Browser
Boat Browser

Interface And Functions Of Boat Browser:-

Boat Browser is quite different from the usual Android web browsers, it seems to have combined some elements and functions of the Mobile Safari to chrome. It is multi-tabbed and has a similar home page as chrome with grid of thumbnails of the sites most frequently opened or visited by you with a quick add bookmark feature.

We have a screen shot of the tab page of Boat Browser with grid of thumbnails of the sites most frequently opened or visited by you.

Settings of Boat Browser

The screen shot displayed above is from the settings of Boat Browser. Here we can set the settings most suitable to us though it would be advisable to keep the default settings. While the interface of Boat is alike to Mobile Safari(iOS stock browser), it has a smart address bar(which reads the keywords entered offering you relevant suggestions),user agent switching, full screen mode, built-in download manager, though the most convincing thing is switching between the tabs quickly.

This is what the Android Market has to say about it:-

“Boat Browser is a fast and powerful web browser.”

Boat Browser ports all these features to Android without compromising on speed, the latest version is as fast as Mobile Safari. If you are a Dolphin HD or Firefox user, Boat is a love at first sight.

There is also a mini-version of the Boat Browser available, this might not be eye catching name but we high recommend the mini version for users whose Android aren’t  powerful enough to co-op with the full version. Whether you are happy or not with your current browser, Boat deserves a try (and yes, it has earned it).

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