Browse Internet Faster On The iPad With New Opera Mini Update

Opera, the much loved mobile browser has now released an update of Opera for iOS which brings added support for the iPad. Opera Mini for iPad brings the Opera mobile browser experience to everyone’s beloved Apple tablet. You can now enjoy a shiny new interface and a plethora of new features via the revamped Opera Mini for iOS.

Opera browsers have had great luck with users. When the first ever Opera browser was launched back in 2010, it was downloaded a phenomenal 1 million times in just one single day. That is a huge achievement for a new browser on the block. The real test of the Opera Mini for iPad begins when it is stacked up against Apple’s Safari on the iPad. Would Opera Mini compel iPad 2 users to ditch Safari in its favor? Lets find out.

Aesthetically speaking, the new Opera Mini rakes in all the brownie points. The best part of Opera Mini for iPad is the seamless tab switching it brings. Visual tab switching is a huge plus as you can easily switch between tabs by merely tapping on their previews. The browser has greatly refined its UI animations as well, overall making the browser very easy on the eyes. That aside, Opera Mini for iPad brings deep social integration with added support for Facebook, Twitter and My Opera. The browser menu gives you access to the usual bookmark, history, sharing and settings options.

This Opera Mini update also brings support for the iPhone 4 Retina Display. Opera Mini is a universal binary for any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 3.0 or later.

Download Opera Mini for iOS [iTunes Link]

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