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  1. martinsays:

    wow,,,, this page was so amazingly helpful,, it took me a while but thanks to u guys for this insight.
    it haas helped me solve so many issues with my samsungs. thumbs up

  2. ronaldzeasays:

    Thanks a lot Dude… You’ve made my day. Sharon!

  3. MasterCATZsays:

    Does anyone know how to do this on Ubuntu ?

    sudo /sbin/modprobe usbserial vendor=0x(VID) product=0x(PID)
    wvdialconf create


  4. Qadisays:

    This was helpful your a genius thanks a million for your help.

  5. atupacsays:

    I also followed the steps for my Samsung J5 (SM-j530F). When the phone calls to a number I did answer, but it does not give me the dots to swipe to the next screen.

    Any help is welcome !

  6. Antionettsays:

    Good day

    Did the steps, the the phone call to a number did answer, but the J5 does not give me the dots to swipe to the next screen. I really need help, I am stuck with the J5 for more than 2 months.

    Please Please help me:(

  7. Medwaynesays:

    Hey, my J5 makes the call but don’t give the left screen option to swip to the internet. Please help

  8. Play Kidd Fabsays:


    I followed all the steps and I managed to make a call but the two dots do not appear…what should I do next? My phone is samsung j5 duos
    Thank you…

    1. A. Usmansays:

      I think you have more recent software update which contains a fix for this trick.

  9. Marcelosays:

    someone can help me, I’m from Chile and I can not get through the phone number phase, I’ve tried with numbers from different locations, cell phone numbers and home phone numbers (local) but nothing works, someone could help me, thanks

    1. rezasays:

      you should put same speed number in device manger and term app


    it doesn’t help for Samsung galaxy A3…..because when a call comes nothing happens and it cut off automatically…. and on a3 no option of messaging and google search available at that time…. and when I search web normally other than this it is saying that request is declined due to security reasons…. plz help me

  11. Hazel O'Neillsays:

    Everything was fine until I needed to call a local number, I called my moms number, my dads number my friends and even a local landline! they all answer but no two dots showed. I live in the U.K
    Any help appreciated!

  12. Danielsays:

    thank you so much bro

  13. Danielsays:

    It doesn’t work for me

  14. m-p{3}says:

    Sadly they patched the dialer (doesn’t show the browser) in Android 7.0 (Nougat)

  15. aymane weelsays:

    Hi Thanks for this tuto . i wanna ask u i call a number i can’t find internet .. i searched all tutorial .. i can’t find internet or chrome on it all .. i have a J5 :( please help

  16. Mariasays:

    Yep, no longer the option to choose internet after accepting the call on Samsung 2017 J5

  17. Barry Allissopsays:


  18. Johnsays:

    This one didnt work,i dont have dots on the caller screen and also the link you gave doesnt work also, i dont have “HElp&Feedback” on talkback settings

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Help and Feedback option is at the bottom of the Settings page. Scroll down with two fingers to get there.

  19. Sonysays:

    no dots. google removed this and now unusefull method again.

  20. Joesays:

    Thanks so much man… you are a real life saver.

  21. Johansays:

    Thanks for the guide!
    The first Craig command works, dialing command doesnt.
    I put “atd070633xxxx;\r\n” (where x represent digits,) but it just says ERRORCRLF in Realterm and nothing happens at phone display. I got Galaxy J5.

  22. Williamsays:

    Hello, im confused in the dial screen, mine is not green,, its blueish ocean instead, and i can’t find the dot./.

  23. Hansensays:

    Worked Perfectly with Just One SteP…..
    I did it for a friend, he had sent it to a lot of phone repairers to do it but they could do nothing.
    I am His Hero😎 That’s what he says after i used your method

  24. Raulsays:

    It works anymore! I tried in a new J5 6 and there is no swipe screen to open Chrome. Samsung has removed this weak.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      Please read the latest comments. We have written a new method.

  25. Bumpasays:

    M stuck at RealTerm: Serial Capture Program
    Where can find that

  26. Alexsays:

    Duuuuude you are the BEEEESSSTT!!!!!! Thank you It worked 100%, I have a Samsung J5 SM-j500m and I had to do the process for the Google Account Manager Showing Error instead of email and it was all very clear and easy to understand, your instructions are super detailed and easy to follow, thank you very much!!

  27. Sadie Meyersays:

    when I send the call from my phone, even after the call is connected and I pick up at the otr end, the two dots do not appear beneath the green. what should I do?

  28. Naw susays:

    I can’t download sidesync app on my pc. Pls suggest any other app.

    1. A. Usmansays:

      SideSync doesn’t work any more.

  29. Penny Scottsays:

    Nevermind. I am an idiot. Figured it out (hard as it was(!)). Sorry

  30. Penny Scottsays:

    Hey, probably a stupid question – but when I go to devices manager on my computer, there is no, ‘Samsung Mobile USB Modem’. The only thing that adds to the list when I connect my phone is portable devices, but when I click the properties for that, all that comes up is ‘General: Portable Devices’, and that’s all. Oh, and I’m using a Lenovo Idea-Pad (Windows 10) if that’s of any significance.

  31. lukassays:

    The samsung galaxy app on the site dont work i cant find the galaxy apps think fixxed

  32. Juan Paolosays:

    When i download it nothings pop up but download is completed.

    1. Andrewsays:

      I have the same phone with the same issue of forgotten Email. please how can I get you am within Nairobi my digit 0719302841 you can call me please

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