1. Hello, it all works like a charm, but when I make the call and answer, the dots do not appear to swipe to internet option. I am on a J5(6) with 6.0.1
    Please help

  2. Thanks a lot. I did it, it was very easy. In Internet No other methods worked for me earlier. J5 2016 is working now. Thanks again.

  3. I downloaded QuickShortCutMaker from Google from the internet browser, since they didn’t give me Chrome as an option, and then downloaded ES File Explorer from the Samsung Galaxy Apps and all worked out well.
    Note: When clicking on Samsung Galaxy Apps, if they ask you to update, don’t. I don’t know why but it just stuck on ‘installing’ for a long while. Before showing you to update and since you can’t refuse, they briefly give you access to the S.G.Apps for like a fraction of a sec. What I did is, once I clicked on the S.G.apps on the website, I spammed the location of ‘search’ button and it gave me access to it. I Looked up the app, downloaded it and it worked fine. You can look for the ‘search’ button location when you click on the link. just keep going back to the site and doing it over and over again until you get it right.

  4. Hello I cannot get the J5 to show as a Modem, always shows as just a portable device in the Device Manager. If I change the port number in the capture program to 3 I get green boxes on CTS, DCD & DSR but then when I type the first command I do not get the OK and I know the SIM is OK as the phone worked before I had the problem wit the Google account. Any ideas thanks

  5. Excellent tutorial, thanks very much for putting it together. Your instructions you gave were very clear and concise, and they worked very well in my Samsung Android 5.1.1 phone. I’ve been watching numerous videos, reading numerous tutorials and downloading numerous applications for a few days now and I didn’t need to do a lot of that. If someone had gave me the instructions for accessing Google Account Manager, I could have removed the FRP lock a few days ago. I’ve been able to get access to the settings on the phone for a while now, but just couldn’t get that last step to clear the lock. At one point I actually used the Realterm application and was putting in those commands, even though I realise now I didn’t need to do that as I already had access to the file structure of the phone and I also had my phone installed on my laptop and could put files on to it using the data cable! Some of the instructions on some videos and other websites didn’t make it very clear the actual purpose of using Realterm to make those commands, or else i wouldn’t have actually tried to use that method, had I known it was only to get access to Google Chrome and also on to the file system of the phone. So thanks very much for your tutorial, it was very helpful and it gave a good explanation of the actual process and the purpose of each step required to remove the FRP lock.

  6. Sorry for bumping this thread but I have two problems. 1st, Your real term does not seem to work on my Windows 10. Second, how do I know my android version. I got locked out of my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. It kept on asking me for my e-mail but even if I do input the previous account I used, it just kept on saying that I have reset my password so I would have to wait for 24 Hours. Even if I do wait it will just say the same error again.

    I hope you can help me with this one.

  7. When i click on Send ASCII phone show call only o300 in degit n call auto cut after 2 second. What is the problem plss help

  8. You’re the man!!
    Initially went to flash stock ROM again, then saw your workaround & its working like a charm.
    Thanks a ton mate.
    PS : For those who get app not installed while installing google account manager.
    Try out the last apk version or every other versions till you find a compatible version.

  9. Many thanks for this detailed guide I really appreciated for it. I could solve the issue on my phone by using this guide. Thanks!!

  10. Hi. I get everything right till the folder, but in the folder there is nothin like “Google account manager”. I tried to download some other version but it didn´t help..
    How can i get the Account manager to the folder?
    Phone is J5

  11. hello sir, I m using this method to unlock a56 but atd05::::;:;;;;/r/n has error what is problem? please suggest me

  12. Hi Sir. I’m having a Samsung Galaxy core prime duos, with a google lock on any Idea how I could remove this plz.. Will be highly appreciated. Thnx.

  13. This worked perfectly well, though i had to look into your other thread because of the missing activity. Thanks a bunch for this wonderful tutorial.

    Managed to bypass the email lock and reset the phone again with my email, just to make sure

  14. Sir I want to personally meet you to Thank You and give you a big hug. You are awesome, heaven-sent. You help fix my problem. Is there any way I can donate?

  15. Tried with SM-J5108 and it didn’t work. Although I could download files like QuickShortCutMaker or Cyanogen File Manager I couldn’t install any app as no action occurs when I tap the files.

  16. i tried the method and it works pretty good, but do this method removes the lock permanently
    i mean i i hard reset the phone later:
    i wont stuck in the same problem.
    or the phone will ask for the new email i used in this process?

  17. Well that’s awesome bro I try it in different way but this one was correct. I just did it to a MLS (Chinese smartphone moded in Greece) Android 6.0.

  18. Thanks Admin, your tutorial is da best work like a charm, keep up your good work, goodluck. Your website’s awesome! love you!

  19. everything was going smooth…bt i put in the local number…shows error in realtime…till then every step was accurate nd working properly…..

  20. Hello , i have a Samsung J7 (6) . I done all of these steps , but when my phone rang , not appear “Internet” or “E-mail” . Any ideas for this problem ? Thanks for your answer .

    1. When the phone rings, you have to answer. It’s not enough to ring just, yoh must be in the conversation, so answer the call and then you will see 2 white dots appear on the screen. Swipe to left and you get the internet option.

      1. Hi. i have a problem. the green screen didn’t show up. instead of the other color. but then i made a call and the conversation started but i can’t see the two dots. what do i do? please halp

  21. please help me! has the samsung site changed? i cannot find the samsung app store to download es file explorer. How do i proceed?

    1. I think you can use any file manager, not only es file explorer. If you read my comment i wrote 2 days ago you’ll see i used cyanogen.

        1. What do you mean not working? Can not install Google Account Manager? Or it’s giving you an error? Or you install it but can not find the Type yout email and password field?

        2. Problem solved. I couldn’t install all of the account manager versions and the ones i could would not solve the problem. I would still get error on the type your email/password field. Finally, i did another hard reset, then went and downloaded Google account manager 6.0.1 apk, which btw i could not install from the mentioned here site, and i finally got my phone back! Thank you for your tutorial!

  22. First of all, many thanks for the tutorial, it was working for me and I’ll try to explain what was my experience with this tutorial, because i stucked in many steps with different errors but finally i figured out. So if any other user will found the same troubles like me, he can follow my steps to get over them.

    I have a macbook so i had to use a virtual machine (Parallels Desktop) to install Windows on my macbook. I start installing a Windows XP and everything went fine.
    After that i download Realterm but gave me an error when installing it. The error was because of NET Framework missing. I had to uninstall Realterm and search for a compatible NET Framework with the Windows XP (not any NET Framework version is compatible). Installed again Realterm, this time without any error. I’ve inserted a SIM card with enough balance to make calls on the Samsung device and connect the Samsung to macbook and after few seconds, a window appear asking me if i want to connect Samsung with macbook or with virtual machine – Windows XP. I clicked the Windows XP option. A message appear on the right-bottom of the Windows screen that the new device is installed and ready to use.
    Then, right click on My PC, go to Properties and Hardware Manager. On this section i couldn’t find the Modem option. Samsung device appear in the list but under Portable Devices but this is not enough because it doesn’t show the Port Number. Checkimg a bit, i saw on the Driver tab tha date of the driver was 2006 (11 years old) so i thought this can not be good so i searched on google and i’ve download the latest Samsung drivers i found, disconnect my Samsung and installed them.
    Good, now with the new drivers installed, i reconnect Samsung to the macbook and now it appears the Modems tab on Hardware Manager and the Port Number.
    I opened Realterm withe the Samsung connected, i changed the Port Number but no green dots appear on the right side. I clicked the “Open” button but nothing happened. I had no ideea what to do next, so i just closed the lid (fold the screen down). After many hours i opened the lid (everything else remained the same: Windows opened, Realterm opened, Samsung device connected to macbook) and i saw the green dots on Realterm appear. I think it was like a Windows restart, that’s why worked.
    Well, i entered the commands and press “Send ASCII”. First command shows me the yellow OK and second command made Samsung to call to my other phone i have. I answered the call, swipe to left, press the internet symbol and then the Chrome icon.
    Then i disconnect the Samsung from macbook and i wrote “f-droid” on Chrome search bar. On Fdroid page, on the right-top, i clicked the three lines and choose “Browse”. I wrote “cyanogen” and in the list appear i clicked on “File Manager – CyanogenMod file manager backport”, download it and install it.
    The, going back to Chrome i searched for “QuickShortcutMaker”. From the Google results, i choose the “apkmirror” site, download it and install it.
    Now, in “QuickShortcutMaker” i searched and enetered in “Google Account Manager” but i found the error option (of course). I get back to Chrome and from the same site “apkmirror” i download all “Google Account Manager” versions (7 of them i think) and tried one by one. Couple of them didn’t install, i don’t know why, no error message appear. After each instalation, i get back to “QuickShortcutMaker” and check but always found the error option and no “Type your email and password”.
    I tried to download and install other “QuickShortcutMaker” from other sites, thinking maybe the first apk was broke but the same result…
    Finally i gave up and i restaured the Samsung and started all procesa from the beggining.
    I met the same problem with the Realterm green dots but i left the Samsung connected and just restart it (restart the Samsung device, not the computer) and problem was solved.
    Then, after i got to Chrome, first i download the “Cyanogenmod file explorer” and then i searched in Chrome for “Google Account Manager 6.0.1” downlod it and install it from the same site “apkmirror” and after that i installed the “QuickShortcutMaker”.
    Now, finally, i could see the “Type your email and password” option.
    After that, no other errors i met and everything went fine.

  23. Hi,

    I’m from the Philippines and I have tried your tutorial but I cannot even dial a number. Tried removing the 0300 and replaced with a local number but still did not dial.

    Hoping for your extended assistance.


  24. You did help me a lot, thank you so much, it was such a nice tutorial and easy to follow eventhough it is a little bit a length but it help me a lot. Thanks

  25. Hi, my phone calls only this ” atd0300xxxxxx;\r\n” number . And i got answer ” dialed number is not in use” .So connect is working .But my other phone number does not work at all .Nothing happend when i try to send it. Any idea?

      1. Hi, yes i know. I try three different local numbers. One was emergeny 112. But phone does not start dialing numbers at all. Nothing happend. Only that 0300xxxxxx number works. Phone dials it and operator said, dialed number is not in use or valid . I live in Finland. Best regards

  26. Examples fantastic and complete. Almost all fixed. Only problem. Any insert sim does not register on the network. The signal is present … and yet at the steps with sim inserted the call was made. Now with RealTerm the first step is Ok the second by mistake. Any suggestions?

    1. Try again with another SIM card. Make it sure you have sufficient balance in your mobile account to make a 2 min call.

  27. i have tried to download QuickShortcutMaker app through google chrome but i am not able to find download section in chrome and don’t understand where to find and install that?
    can you help me ?

  28. I’m using Samsung Galaxy J7.
    …I have followed every step that u have shown above but when I reach at downloading apps I couldn’t find search box and I was stuck at their.
    If u could help me, I’ll be grateful to you.

    Thank You

  29. With the new google security patch, they have deactivated the web option or rather the 3 dots in “type in email and password” apk. Now how do I bypass this? Please help

  30. thank you very much,,,latest updates worked well with account manager thing,,unlocked a j5 like a champion cos of you .

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