Lock Screen Bypass in iPhone is Possible Due to iOS 4.1 Security Flaw

A new bug is found in latest public iOS 4.1 version that lets you to bypass the iPhone lock screen. Due to this bug a user can access the contacts, phone call history, gallery and other important data even if the phone is screen-locked.

This hack is very simple to perform. All you have to do is to input some random numbers in the emergency call field and then promptly hit the hardware lock button. This simple step will take you to phone app.

You can also access the photo album by selecting “Share Contant” and then the camera icon.

Update: Feel free to hold down the menu button to access voice control and play some locally-stored tunes while you’re at it. And if you’ve got 4.2 beta like some of our staffers do, this “trick” should work just the same.

So far iPhone 4, iPhone 3G and 3GS running on iOS 4.1 are found affected due to this bug.  After the discovary of this bug, Apple will be now in hurry to release another version of iOS to patch the exploit.

Note: If you rely on jailbreak, be sure that you have saved SHSH blobs to keep the untethered jailbreak on your iPhone.

Here is the video proof by engadget:

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