Amazon Working on Kindle Scribe – Can it Kill Apple’s Famous iPad?

There have been a lot of rumors on the upcoming tablet known as Kindle Scribe by Amazon which is being called “the iPad killer” in the Tablet market.


Almost every tablet producing company has boasted about its tablet, taking the throne away from Apple’s iPad, though all of it has been pure hype, and none of the tablets have come to the standard of competing against the iPad. But this long rumored Amazon tablet could be the the one taking the throne away from Apple.

Amazon has been working on it’s tablet for the past few days. Just recently  Amazon registered two website addresses; and was first registered on August 20, with a modification date of August 27. Meanwhile, is currently registered to CONDOMAINIUM.COM INC., a web hosting company. But neither site is in working order or operational. Though it not confirmed that Kindle Scribe would be the name of Amazon’s tablet, the purchase of 2 website(s) by the same name is surprising.

Amazon-TabletAmazon’s Tablet is expected to release by 2012 and is rumored to be debuting with a price below even the lowest price iPad. Now the great question is, would this tablet by Amazon be able to compete against the iPad?

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