Get Free 3D Parallax Wallpapers on Android Phone Including Samsung Galaxy S3

Parallax is a phenomenon in which an object is viewed from two different angles or two different lines of sight and difference is measured by the angle of inclination. You can read more about parallax effect on Wikipedia. These days smartphones users can also install the wallpapers containing parallax effect. Apple is pioneer in it. They introduced Parallax wallpapers Continue reading

HowTo: Get Option Back to Play Videos in Other Players / Downloaders in Facebook Android App

Last week I got a notification that there is a new update available for Facebook app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 android smartphone. I usually update the apps from popular developers without reading further reviews and comments. I did the same thing with Facebook. I updated it to the latest version without reading what is changed in the new version… Continue reading

You Can Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android Without Rooting with EasyDownloader for Instagram

Instagram is one of those applications which doesn’t allow you to download the uploaded content on your local storage. There is not any official built-in support for this purpose. Though there are a lot of apps which can do it but mostly they require rooted android phone to work properly. EasyDownloader for Instagram is a new applications available in the… Continue reading

HTC One Gets Android 4.4.2 KitKat in Europe, Other Countries to Get Soon

As promised back in November, the Taiwanese based HTC company has started rolling out Android 4.4.2 KitKat for HTC One. Initially the update is released for Europe only, and both unlocked and carrier locked devices are included in this stage. Once the release reaches your carrier/region, you’ll see a new system update. But if you have just checked it manually… Continue reading

Hide the Mobile Number While Composing SMS in Android Using These Apps

If you accept it or not but Apple’s iOS takes your privacy more seriously than Google’s android operating system. I wouldn’t say it’s the fault of Android OS. In fact different  phone manufacturers make the changes in the OS to customize according to their own style and needs but often forget some minor details which may become very annoying for… Continue reading

Wake Up MAC OS X Mavericks 10.9 Using Android Phone Through WiFi Remotely

Besides many other features, the one reason I like Mac OS X (Mavericks) more than any other operating system is that it is already configured for many network and server related settings. You have to only toggle few settings to turn on and off the features, like waking up your Mac machine on the LAN/same WiFi is such a breeze in it.


Kitkat Flavoured CyanogenMod 11 M Released for Select Devices, Download Now

New version CyanogenMod 11, built on the taste of Kitkat, android 4.4, has been released by the team for few Google powered Nexus devices. They did a good work and did it in very short time. Usually we had to wait a little longer to get the new version supporting the latest features from the latest Android version.


Transfer Files Between Mac OS X Mavericks and Android Phone on WiFi [Easy Way]

There are many applications and methods which allow you to transfer the files between your Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 and android device. But every method has its own pros and cons. Some apps work best when you are sitting in front of your Mac machine like AirDroid, which is a popular web-based utility to transfer the files wirelessly.

Most apps and methods work best if you are handling them from PC end, but fail to meet your expectations when you want to transfer the files between OS X and Android using your android device only.


iMessage App for Android Available in Play Store, Sends Messages Across All Devices

iMessage is the popular feature present in Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to Mac, which allows the users to send messages to other users using the internet, without using any SMS plan.

Now an app, iMessage Chat, appears in the Play Store, that lets android users to send the messages to others having any Apple device. Many have tested it, including us, and this app works flawlessly and sends the messages instantly.


Stock Phone and Messaging Apps of Android 4.4 KitKat Leaked

As Android 4.4 KitKat release is approaching, more and more leaks and rumours are coming out in the wild. This time the stock phone app and messaging app of the upcoming android version leak. Previously we shared the screenshot of lockscreen, but we didn’t know anything about what is changed beyond the lockscreen. The recent screenshots give a clear… Continue reading