Video Shows Android 4.4 KitKat Lockscreen on LG Nexus 5

Two videos sent to 9to5Google show us the startup (lockscreen) details of Android 4.4 KitKat on a device, most probably LG Nexus 5. The videos are very short and don’t reveal any other details and features of the upcoming android version. According to the tipster, the videos were shot by a bar-man when a person, presumably a Google employee, left… Continue reading

MS Office for Android Available for Download Finally

As the users are getting more and more handheld devices, the companies are also releasing the apps for these devices in order to get the maximum user-base. No doubt, Apple’s iOS and Google’s android OS are two most popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Every other person now have one smartphone which he uses on daily basis to check… Continue reading

How to Root Nexus 4, 10 and Galaxy Nexus on Android 4.3

We have already posted a guide to root android 4.3 on Nexus 7 devices (both Wifi and 3G versions carrier unlocked) using a method which is specific to the said device. This method, which are posting below, is universal and it will work on any nexus device including Nexus 7. However, it is better to use CF Auto Root package… Continue reading

How to Root Android 4.3 on Nexus 7

As we all know Android 4.3 is now available for Nexus devices, including Nexus 7, bringing some new features and bug fixes. The factory images are already available to install them manually if there is no OTA update available for your device or region. The only device which was left out in the Nexus series was Nexus S, for which… Continue reading

Get Android 4.3 Features on Nexus S by Installing this ROM

Three days ago Google officially announced the new version of android, that is android 4.3, which brings some new features not only for the developers to build better games and apps but also for the end users like low power consuming bluetooth, WiFi optimisation and multi-users with restricted profiles. Google also released the factory images of the said update… Continue reading

Official Android 4.3 for Nexus and Galaxy Nexus is Now Available for Download

It seems Google is now moving towards the right direction by providing the instant access to the official download links for the recently released android 4.3. Who will be the early adopter? Definitely the Google branded devices holders will get the first chance to enjoy the new features in the latest update. Of course Mountain View based company brought… Continue reading

Swipe Home Button – Zephyr Like App for Android

Jailbroken iPhone users are well aware of popular Cydia tweak called Zephyr which lets them replace the physical home button with gestures. Zephyr shows the main menu and recently opened apps present in Multitasking bar by simply swiping up. The similar type of app is now available for android devices running on Android OS 4 and above.

Swipe Home Button available in Google’s Play Store is for those users who have got broken the home button/menu button or the home key is not working properly. Some users, including me, fear that they might lose the proper functionality of the Menu button due to over-use. Swipe Home button saves the clicks of physical button by giving them a complete alternative in the form of swipes/gestures.


AccuWeather 3.0.1 for Android Gets Redesign, New Widgets, Landscape and Portrait Modes

AccuWeather, which is one of the most popular weather apps, is updated with new dress for android OS based handsets. I just installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I can tell you one thing that is it runs smoothly and presents more detailed information. When we open AccuWeather 3.0.1 first time, after installing and downloading the required… Continue reading

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android Devices

As you all know photoshop is one of the popular and widely used photo editing software on big screens. A little smaller version was released in past for tablets. Now Adobe has just released Adobe Photoshop Touch for android and iPhone devices. This is really a smart move from Adobe due to the increasing popularity of smaller devices. These days… Continue reading

Chromebook Pixel with Touchscreen, backlit keyboard, 239ppi and LTE Features

Google has just announced a new model of Chromebook. This system with better display, touchscreen, 2560×1700 resolution is called Chromebook Pixel. The 12.85” screen has the highest pixel density of any laptop, according to Google. The keyboard is also backlit, at last. Apart from the other features which Google talks about often in the previous versions, this one is designed… Continue reading

LG Optimus G Pro 5.5 Inches vs Galaxy Note 2 Comparison

LG has just announced the next major smartphone of 2013 by adding the name “Pro” to its popular Optimus G family. LG Optimus G Pro sports 5.5 inches stunning display with powerful processor and better screen resolution. Apparently this device looks similar to Galaxy Note 2, however the internal features show a little different story especially when comparing the display… Continue reading

Google Releases YouTube Capture App to Simplify the Video Uploading Process

YouTube Capture is an iOS based application available for download through Apple’s App Store. Google released this new app for iPhone, iPod and iPod users to ease the video uploading process to YouTube and at the same time to provide some mostly used video editing features.

This app brings YouTube enhancements like colour correction, video stabilisation, trimming and sound editing to your fingertips at the screen of iPhone. The app also allows the users to apply these features to existing videos present in Photos app. Moreover, you can remove or modify the enhancements anytime in Youtube.


Install Jelly Bean 4.2 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Using CyanogenMod 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is one of those devices which have little to no chance of getting Android 4.2, also known as Jelly Bean. However the recent builds of CyanogenMod 10.1, which are rather unofficial, would install Android 4.2 on your device and would also boost the general performance.

Like any other ROM, this one would also void your device’s warranty. So, proceed at your own risk. Moreover, if you have not performed ROM installing in the past, please try it under a supervision.