Android Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher 2.4 Released for Android Phones

There is no doubt that Google is working on Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich version which will be released in October or November, as Google’s Eric Schmidt revealed the secret in an interview just few days back. However, it is still unclear which version number will be added after the name “Android” this time but according to rumors Android 2.4 will… Continue reading

Google Launches Its Own Mobile Payment Service – Google Wallet

Just back in May, Google announced its plans to actually kill your wallet, by introducing a new kind of mobile payment technology. It is proven true now, though not actually, because Google Wallet is not available on many Android Phones now. It will take at least a year or so to reach at that stage. Google finally unveiled its new… Continue reading

Ice Cream Sandwich Version of Android Will Be Succeeded By “Jelly Beans”

We have already posted about Ice Cream Sandwich, which may unify the both Gingerbread and HoneyComb android versions.  The ICS (short for Ice Cream Sandwich) is rumored to be released sometime in October. Well October seems to harbor many technology launches, what with the coming iOS 5 and iPhone 5 and the Ice Cream Sandwich. And, well as we… Continue reading

Ice Cream Sandwich Version of Android to Release in October or November, Says Eric Schmidt

Today we get some information related to upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android operating system. In an interview with’s Marc Benioff, Google’s Eric Schmidt revealed that the next Android version, which is codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich, would be rolled out in October or November. It is being expected that this version will unify two android versions that are… Continue reading

The Build Of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango ROM For HTC Mozart Leaked

Even before the official release, the HTC Mozart’s Build of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” has leaked to the web. Mango version of Windows Phone 7 is available for developer only and its public version is yet to release any time in this month. Well HTC certainly seems to be putting all hands on deck. Just a few days ago, it… Continue reading

The Biggest Gamble Ever By Google – [Infographic]

Well, if you have ever used the web, as you are surely doing now, you must know about Google – the Biggest search engine, the biggest advertisement company and probably the richest firm in the world. Now we have latest readings of the amount of money, employees and traffic coming to this Google company and the plans and philosophy of… Continue reading

Google Announces Gmail Offline, Docs Offline and Calendar Offline

Google has finally started rolling out what they talked about at Google I/O, 2011 and that is Gmail Offline, Docs Offline and Calendar Offline. At the annual conference 2011 when the Mountain View company announced Google Chromebooks, they also told us about offline web apps. Gmail Offline will be available for most of users today while Docs Offline and Calendar… Continue reading

After Apple Hires Comex, Google+ Hires Source Code Snoop To Protect Its Source Code

An Austrian blogger and developer Florian Rohrweck recently discovered a lot of the upcoming feautures of Google+ by simplly digging around the source code of the newly developed social network. Rohrweck, was also the first to reveal Google+ Games before its launch and many other features such as sharing circles. From some latest sources, we have come to know that,… Continue reading

Google+ Improving Itself, Now Making “Unfriending” Polite [How to Un-Friend]

Relationships on Google are online, linking the people closer, but it can seem a bit rude if you remove someone from your circle and can affect the relationships of those people in your real life. Facebook is suffering from the same kind of problem, but now Google+ has found a way around this providing you three choices to remove someone… Continue reading

Boat Browser: The Ultimate Choice For Android

From the long list of browsers for Android, Boat Browser has been known to rock the list. The primary reason for this larger variety of choice is Android’s philosophy of Freedom. Unlike Apple, Android has no app restrictions on its devices. Because of this freedom of apps, many browsers have popped up on Android Marketplace, though the name on… Continue reading

Google Poised to Supercharge Android With Motorola Mobility Purchase

Google in a surprising development announced today that they would be snapping up Motorola mobility for a sum of $12.5 billion. Motorola mobility is the handset manufacturing arm of Motorola. Buying a hardware division seems a little out of the sphere of Google as traditionally they have never been that much in the hardware manufacturing business. However, Motorola is one of the many manufacturers that utilize Google’s Android Platform, and has manufactured some Smartphone’s based on Android that were a success with the masses, specially the Droid series.


How to Enable Google Preview Pane Feature in Gmail

Google has just added a new flexibility in its Gmail product by providing Preview Pane feature. If you have ever used Outlook or Mail App on Mac machines, you will be well aware of this feature. In fact it lets you to preview the message in inbox while eliminating the need of going back and forward to read a new… Continue reading

Official Bootloader Unlocking for HTC Android Phones Coming This Month

HTC provides another update to the android powered HTC smartphones users that the official bootloader unlocking tool will be released later this month. This update is posted on HTC Facebook Fanpage. Well, this might be an exciting and interesting news for those users who are still using a locked HTC phone and are afraid of unlocking it by using unofficial… Continue reading