How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2019 Live on iPhone

World Cup 2019 is around the corner. If you are not free, on the go, can’t want the matches on the big screen, there are few alternative apps you can install on your iPhone to watch the live streaming of cricket matches. This big series is going to start on the 30th of May. A total of 48 matches will… Continue reading

How to Hide Comments in Instagram Based on Custom keywords

Instagram’s new feature lets you hide the comments posted by the users based on keywords. Here is how you can enable this feature on your iPhone or Android app.

After being acquired by Facebook, the Instagram app is changing rapidly. The new version of this app shows some interesting changes. You can now perform the zoom-in function on the photos and videos. You can also add color to the text. In addition to these changes, the important one is Comments Moderation. The users can hide the offensive and inappropriate… Continue reading

Updated Version of Twitter’s iPhone App Brings Night Mode, Use it Now

Twitter’s new iPhone app is loaded with a new feature called Night Mode. It shows white text against the blackish background. If this option doesn’t show up on your Twitter app, simply follow these steps.

Twitter has just released a new version of its iPhone app which let us enable night mode. If you are twitter fanatic and read a lot of tweets, especially at night time, you’d love this new feature. Apple has already introduced Dark Mode in OS X, which was first introduced in Yosemite, and is planning to include this feature… Continue reading

Download Slingshot for iPhone and Android and How It is Different from SnapChat

Today Facebook has launched a new media sharing app called Slingshot for both iPhone and Android users. With this app the users can send the photos and videos to other users. The working principle of this applications is similar to SnapChat which also gives the same type of features, but the idea behind this app is little different. SnapChat auto-destructs… Continue reading

Paper App from Facebook Released in AppStore for iPhone, Download it!

Facebook has finally unveiled the new app called Paper which is available in the US App store right now for download. The stores of other counties are still waiting for the app but hopefully within next week the app will be rolled to other regions as well. The first impression of the app is very good. The design is elegant… Continue reading

Create Videos of Instagram and Facebook Photos With Flipagram on iPhone

Though it is a personal preferance, but mostly people love photos rather than videos due to number of reasons. Photos are easy to capture. There is no special setup required to take them, besides a good camera having a flash. Editing and sharing of the photos is very easy. They take very less space on your SD or HD disk. Moreover, you can join the photos later to convert them into a video.


iOS 7 Inspired WhatsApp Updates, Lifts Itself from Personal to Professional

The leaked screenshots of upcoming WhatsApp version were already floating around the web. Finally the new version, inspired from flat design of iOS 7, hits the app store today. The overall user-interface (UI) of the device is rebuilt to match the sleek and minimal look of iOS 7.


First Video Trailer of the iOS App “Clumsy Ninja” Lands on the App Store

Do you remember Clumsy Ninja game which was first introduced back in 2012 during iPhone 5 keynote? Well, the same gets the video trailer on the App Store. It is the first time an app/game is featured on the store with video content. The video is available on the UK store only because Clumsy Ninja is selected top game by the editors for this region. However, if this pick-up is universal then we will soon see it on other stores like US.


Google Wallet Lands on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Google has just released its popular Wallet app for all iOS devices i.e., iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This app lets you send money to your friends using a simple email address, store the debit cards and credit cards, offers and loyalty programs. This app is already available for android phones. The most interesting feature of this app is Tap Continue reading

Now You Can Install the Latest Compatible App on Older Devices

If you own an older device like iPhone 3G, you might have received a pop-up, while installing some apps, telling you that this app is not compatible with the current iOS running on your device. You may also receive such alerts even if you have got a newer device but still running on older iOS version. In both these situations… Continue reading

Adobe Photoshop Express 3.0 with Flat Design, New Filters and Revel Integration

Adobe has just updated its free photo editing app for iOS has updated to include many new features like Revel Integration and filters. There are a lot of free photo editing applications available for download in Apple’s AppStore for iOS devices. Adobe’s Photoshop Express is considered one of best out of this category. It lets you optimise, apply new colour… Continue reading

Google Maps 2.0 With iPad Support, Enhanced Navigation, Incident Reports and More

After hitting the android’s PlayStore, Google’s revamped Maps 2.0 app lands on AppStore today. What everyone was expecting was enhanced navigation covering more and more countries but see there is one feature. It now officially supports the iPad. In past the design and UI for both iPhone and iPad was same but in 2.0 update there is revamped design specifically… Continue reading

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android Devices

As you all know photoshop is one of the popular and widely used photo editing software on big screens. A little smaller version was released in past for tablets. Now Adobe has just released Adobe Photoshop Touch for android and iPhone devices. This is really a smart move from Adobe due to the increasing popularity of smaller devices. These days… Continue reading