Wordament – The Official Microsoft Game for iOS with Xbox Live App Integration

The popular word game for Windows Phone now lands in the App Store as well. Microsoft releases its first official game for iPhone, iPod Touch and other iOS devices.

Wordament is the first cross platform game for iPhone from Redmond quarters in which all the players playing from different operating systems compete on a single board. You are gives only two minutes to get the achievements like first finisher, best word found, total word score etc.


Google Releases YouTube Capture App to Simplify the Video Uploading Process

YouTube Capture is an iOS based application available for download through Apple’s App Store. Google released this new app for iPhone, iPod and iPod users to ease the video uploading process to YouTube and at the same time to provide some mostly used video editing features.

This app brings YouTube enhancements like colour correction, video stabilisation, trimming and sound editing to your fingertips at the screen of iPhone. The app also allows the users to apply these features to existing videos present in Photos app. Moreover, you can remove or modify the enhancements anytime in Youtube.


Google Maps App for iOS 6 / iPhone 5 Available for Download in App Store

The wait is finally over. Google has just released the standalone Google Maps for iOS 6 users. The new app requires at least iOS 5.1 or later version to be installed.

Apple has removed the built-in Google Maps app from iOS 6 and included its own Maps app in it. But many users were not happy with this move due to number of reasons which have already been discussed many times. The main reasons included the lack of accuracy, less-detailed maps and incorrect positioning in many areas.

Tip: Get the latest Google Maps 2.0 with iPad Support, Revamped UI, Improved Navigation and More


Apps to Get the Latest Updates About Hurricane Sandy on iPhone/iPad

As you all know that Hurricane Sandy is about to hit the East Coast of the United States, and you might be thinking now how to track the live update about it. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can follow the updates by using different apps. Some online resources are also available for this purpose which can easily be accessed on your handheld devices.


WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone Available for Free Download

One of the popular messaging application among iPhone users, WhatsApp Messenger, is now available for free download. This app is already available as a free app for android users and iOS users used to complain about this strategy of WhatsApp Inc. Now the company decided to remove the price tag from the app.

Last year in the month of June, WhatsApp Inc. also allowed the users to download this app for free for a limited time. So, hurry up and get it now before they push it again in the paid category.


Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for Google Chrome iPhone App

Within few days of its release, Google Chrome iPhone App has become the second most popular browser for iPhone and iPad devices after Apple’s own Safari. The most important feature which makes it prominent among other browsers of the same class is its easy to configure synchronization feature across different devices. You can get history, bookmarks, passwords, search queries and even the tabs opened using desktop Google Chrome browser on your iPhone and iPad Google Chrome with a single log-in.


Apple Announces Cards App to Send Cards from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple has just announced a new app “Cards” which will allow users to send the cards directly from iDevices. You select the design of your card, edit it and press the send button on the app and Apple will send a high quality physical card to the recipient. Here is what Scott Forstall tells about this app during “Let’s Talk… Continue reading

Dolphin Browser Now In The iPhone Field – Download Now

iPhones have their own Safari web browser, with clean and virus free browsing. But this Safari lacks in many functions, which the other desktop version provides. So many iPhone users look for a way around for a better web browser. Those who are familiar with the jailbreaking, they are probably also aware about the unlimited amount of tweaks available for… Continue reading

Convert Files into PDF Format with Adobe CreatePDF on iPhone and iPad [App]

This is fact that there is no good app available for iOS devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, which can convert the files of different format in PDF format on the fly. Realizing the opportunity and need, Adobe has just released a new app for iPhone and iPad devices with the name of CreatePDF. CreatePDF app supports a lot of… Continue reading

Want To Keep Your Photos Private? Use Safety Photo+ ($0.99)

Feel concerned about your photos not to end up in the hands of someone else. Want to keep your privacy, then here is the solution to it, use Safety Photo+. Safety Photo+ is a kind of safe for the photos present in your iPhone. Safety Photo+ also allows you to arrange your photos as well as keeping your photos safe.… Continue reading

Latest Apps for Tracking Hurricane-Irene, Feel Safe

Hurricane Irene, the hurricane striking destruction in America for the last few days, swept over Eastern South Carolina. According to forecasters, the hurricane dropped down to Category 1 storm with maximum speed of 85mph, but still it can cast enough destruction to be going on with. Apps To Keep You Safe:- App developers have been working on apps for tracking… Continue reading

Facebook Launches A Separate Messenger App For iPhone And Android

It seems as if the arrival of Google Plus on the social media landscape has put Facebook into overdrive, which is good news for us users because healthy competition spurns a lot of innovation. Facebook today has launched a separate messenger app for the Apple iPhone and Android platform. Conveniently titled as Facebook Messenger, it is yet another entrant in the increasingly saturated playground of messaging applications such as BBM, Google plus Huddles and Apple’s forthcoming iMessage.


Boxee for iPad Available Now, It Also Streams Videos from PC to iPad Free Wirelessly

Boxee is a new app for iPad devices only that lets you to watch all your favorite movies from your Facebook account, Twitter account, other social networks and even from your PC onto your iPad. Boxee also converts and syncs videos present on your personal computer automatically and streams them to your iPad wirelessly over WiFi. This app is available… Continue reading