How to Open Home screen Instead of TV App with Home Button on Apple TV Remote

Apple has changed the function of the Home button on the Apple TV Remote. In the new update, when we press the Home button, the TV app opens, instead of going to the home screen on Apple TV. If you recently updated the tvOS software from a previous version to the newly released tvOS 12.3 and you are using Siri… Continue reading

Physical Bluetooth Keyboard Support for Apple TV in Next iOS Update

According to 9to5mac Apple is ready to include the bluetooth keyboard support for Apple TV. The next major iOS release, most probably ATV iOS 6.0 will bring this new features for the general users.

The bluetooth code was found about a year ago in iOS 5 but it was ripened very slowly. Now it seems the final code is ready to be included in iOS 6.

Many ATV users want to have a physical keyboard instead of Touch-based keyboard to search and find the desired information on their Apple TV. I personally prefer the physical keyboard to touch keypad.


Apple Working On An iOS Based Television For 2012 [Report]

According to some reliable resources, it has come to our knowledge that Apple is indeed trying to develop an Apple branded television based on iOS. The exact release date is not yet confirmed but Apple would most probably release it in the second half of 2012. Their has been a lot of excitement on the news of an Apple Branded… Continue reading

Xcode 4.2 DP 5 Along with Apple TV Beta 4 Released

Apple’s slew of recent releases includes the latest build of iOS 5 beta 5 and the beta version of iTunes 10.5 beta 5, both of which are available only to select registered developers with Apple’s developer’s program. Coupled with these is the release of the Xcode 4.2 developers preview build 5. Xcode of course is the tool-set Apple provides for building applications for the Mac OS X and the iOS platforms. Apple TV Beta 4 has also been released for Apple TV which is also available only to the developers registered with Apple’s developers program.


Apple Pushes iOS 4.2.2 for Apple TV 2G

Apple has just released iOS 4.2.2 for second generation Apple TV. This minor update brings many bug fixers related to audio and video and stability improvements. You can find the direct download link and full changelog after the break. The changes which are officially confirmed include: Audio: Addressed an issue in which audio is not output when playing some video… Continue reading

How to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 on Apple TV Using Seas0nPass [Guide]

Seas0Pass gets an update to jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 (iOS 4.2.1) on second generation of Apple TV. Currently iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak using Seas0nPass is tethered and it requires the Apple TV to be connected with the PC for successful reboot.

Seas0nPass works on Apple TV only but it is available for both Windows and Mac users. It provides untethered jailbreak up to iOS 4.2.1 and tethered on recently released iOS 4.3 and iOS 4.3.1.


iOS 4.2.1 Build 8F202 for Apple TV 2G Available for Download

Apple has just released iOS 4.2.1 for second generation Apple TV after fixing many bugs esp video flickering problem. iOS 4.2.1 build 8F202 update also fixes audio issues and a problem where the device goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up.

Apple TV2G update is available now directly from the Apple TV update menu. We are also posting a direct download link after the break from where you can download iOS 4.2.1 iPSW file and save it on your PC for other purposes like manual restore and jailbreaking.


Seas0nPass for Windows to Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 on Apple TV 2G Coming Next Week

Firecore team has jut posted an update about iOS 4.1 (iOS 4.2.1) Jailbreak for Apple TV 2G for Windows users on its official blog. According to the post, a Windows version of Seas0nPass has been seeded to beta testers and the public version will be released after 1 week of beta testing.

It is to inform you, if you don’t know already, that Seasonpass is relatively a new jailbreak tool for Apple TV 2G. It creates custom iOS firmware just like PwnageTool.


We are Near to Run Apps on Jailbroken Apple TV 2 with Greenpoison

Both Greenpoison and Limerain are based on Geohot’s Limera1n exploit and both can jailbreak Apple TV 2. But it is the first time p0sixninja posted an image of jailbroken Apple TV with Greenpoison.

We can also see an option to inject/install third party apps on Apple TV with Greenpoison and it shows we are one step away when we will be installing Apple TV apps from Cydia.


Apple TV 2G SHAttered and Jailbroken – Confirmed by MuscleNerd

AppleTV 2G jailbreak has been confirmed by MuscleNerd, a member of iPhone Dev Team, using the SHAtter exploit. We already knew that Apple TV jailbreak is possible but it is the first time that an official confirmation is made by a concerned member of the team.

The TV is exploited using SHAtter and a custom IPSW via PwnageTool bundle. “I don’t know how to run apps on it yet”, said MuscleNerd in his tweet.


SHAtter can Jailbreak Apple TV OS – Confirmed by iPhone Dev Team

SHAtter exploit is rocking. iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that SHAtter exploit can be used to cook a custom firmware for new Apple TVs. SHAtter is the same exploit which is being used to develop the new jailbreak tool (the name might be GreenPoison) for iOS 4.1 on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G and other idevices.


Apple Media Event Roundup: iOS 4.1, iOS 4.2, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iTunes 10, iPod Touch 4, Apple TV

Last night was very exciting for Apple fans. New version of iTunes, upgraded versions of iPod Nano and iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle, and a new Apple TV. In fact Apple gave its users much more than they were expecting. If you missed the live streaming of the event last night, here is the summary for our readers.

1. iOS 4.1:

This new version will be rolled out for certain iDevices models next week. iOS 4.1 fixes the proximity sensor issue and also brings new features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. The much awaited game centre is also introduced in this version. Attn: If you are using a jailbroken iPhone or you rely on carrier unlock, never update your iDevice untill iPhone Dev Team releases a new jailbreaking tool for it.

2. iOS 4.2:

iOS 4.2 will be released in November for iPhone, iPod Touch 4 and even for iPad. It will bring multitasking to iPad. We will also be able to stream music and  videos from iTunes to iOS devices with AirPlay ( a new name of AirTunes). A new feature “Wireless Printing” will also be introduced in this version.