iPhone OS 4.0 will Support Video Calling

Apple has already announced that an iPhone 4.0 event would be held on April 8 at 10:00pm specific time. In the event a sneak preview of the upcoming OS 4.0 is promised by Apple.

Apple Approves OperaMini for iPhone

The wait is over now. Apple has finally given approval to the new browser OperaMini for iPhone. On March 23, 2010 OperaMini was officially submitted to the Apple iPhone Store and there were rumours that this app would not be approved by the Apple.

iPhone Apps: Pushme.to Releases a Lite (Free) version

Pushme.to is a beautiful application that allows you to send instant messages and images to your iPhone and iPod friends. The unique feature of this applications is that you don’t need to have an iPhone / iPod / email / registration etc to send messages.