Samsung Planning For A Full Revenge: Asks For A Ban On iPhone, iPad In The Netherland

If you remember, just a few days ago, a senior executive officer told the Korean Times, that Samsung was planning to sue Apple for infringing of some patents just after the release of iPhone 5. It looks like Samsung can’t wait for iPhone 5 release, as it has asked to ban iPhones and iPads in … Continue reading

New Version of (White) iPod Touch 5G Coming This October With Minor Changes [Report]

Apple is releasing the new white iPod Touch (5G) in October, according to a source of MacRumors. October, certainly, seems to harbor much more news than possible. So now, the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and probably Google’s next version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich coming soon! Already, Google has provided instructions to App Developers … Continue reading

Samsung Planning To Sue Apple in Korea – Just Waiting For iPhone 5 To Land

Samsung – the South Korean gadget developing company was sued by Apple for infringing some patents just a few weeks ago. After being found guilty, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was officially banned in Germany. The same thing happened to its GalTab 7.7 in Britain at IFA when they were pulled off the shelves. Although Samsung’s Galaxy SII … Continue reading

Refreshed MacBook Pro Lineup to Land At The End Of This Year

According to recent reports, Apple is gearing up to refresh the lineup of their most powerful offering in mobile computing i.e. the MacBook Pros. The move is a rather unexpected one as pundits believe, because it was assumed that Apple would wait for a refresh of their MacBook pro lineup until Intel releases its next-generation … Continue reading

Adobe Announces Flash Media Server 4.5 to Stream Flash Content to iPhone and iPad

If you own an iOS device or have ever used iPhone/iPad, you know that you can’t play flash-based content on these devices. In fact Apple didn’t include support for Flash in its mobile Safari browser from day one. According to Cupertino man the implementation of flash plugin in iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch devices would … Continue reading

Apple To Use Thinner, Lighter Battery for iPad 3, More Room For HD Display

Call it Apple’s marketing strategy or overzealous apple fanatics, barely six months after the release of the successor of Apple’s wonder tablet, the much anticipated iPad 2, the webosphere was rife with rumors of the release of a next gen iPad, as early as in the fall of the same year. Termed as the iPad … Continue reading