Shipping Estimates On Apple Online Store Face A Sudden Rise

Well, it looks like that this is the time for a new product to appear, as signs are starting to appear. Though the unlimited amount of rumors are a bit difficult to trust, but they always have a baseline. And, we have good news for the iPhone 5 fans, though not for the ones planning to buy an Apple device… Continue reading

Apple To Use Thinner, Lighter Battery for iPad 3, More Room For HD Display

Call it Apple’s marketing strategy or overzealous apple fanatics, barely six months after the release of the successor of Apple’s wonder tablet, the much anticipated iPad 2, the webosphere was rife with rumors of the release of a next gen iPad, as early as in the fall of the same year. Termed as the iPad HD and iPad 3, the tablets were expected to incorporate the same super crisp Retina displays found on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. Although the rumors were laid to rest due in part to Apple’s inability to acquire Retina panels in sufficient quantities, the proposed plan is now to make them available sometime in first quarter of next year.


Is Apple Succeeding in Forcing Steve Jobs Out Of Headlines?

If you are active on web or even know the Apple company or even live in America, you must know about the legend of gadget technology Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, who brought the Apple to this stage, who brought the technology from PCs to hand computers, iPad. The one who brought the iOS and made the iPhone which is… Continue reading

Download iTunes 10.5 Beta 7 to Sync Your iDevice with iOS 5 beta 7

There is no beta iOS release without releasing a new beta of iTunes. To support the just released iOS 5 beta 7 version Apple also seeded iTunes 10.5 beta 7 to developers. iTunes 10.5 beta 7 allows you to install iOS 5 beta 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and later lets you synchronize your device. It can be… Continue reading

Apple Will Add A Diagnostic Tool To iOS 5 For Fixing iPhone And iPad [Rumor]

Rumors do never end about the upcoming iPhone, iPad or the new iOS 5. Now from some other reliable sources we have a solid report (though not confirmed), that Apple is working on a new diagnostic tool for iOS. The release of this new feature by Apple is expected with the release of the iOS 5. This diagnostic… Continue reading

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 with iTunes Match

Oh, Look! Here is another beta release of iTunes! This time Apple introduces a new feature in iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 which is called iTunes Match. iTunes Match feature allows users to upload the songs to Apple’ cloud.
iTunes Match Beta 6.1 Release Notes Your iCloud libraries will be deleted at the end of this beta. Backup regularly and do… Continue reading

Apple Working On An iOS Based Television For 2012 [Report]

According to some reliable resources, it has come to our knowledge that Apple is indeed trying to develop an Apple branded television based on iOS. The exact release date is not yet confirmed but Apple would most probably release it in the second half of 2012. Their has been a lot of excitement on the news of an Apple Branded… Continue reading

Apple Will Abandon Samsung Chips, Rumors Say Apple Would Finish Any Commercial Links With Samsung

Samsung has been making chips for all the iPhone and iPads, but after defeats from the legal lawsuit of Apple, it is difficult that Samsung continues making the chips. According to some rumors, Apple may abandon the Samsung chips and produce chips from some other industry. Apple has failed to create its own factory producing these chips, but now… Continue reading

Tim Cook Awarded 1,000,000 Shares Of Stock By Apple To Stay Until 2021 As Ceo Bonus

On this Wednesday, Steve Jobs dramatically resigned from his post as CEO, and proposed the name of Tim Cook to become CEO. Tim Cooks has also held the post of CEO in the periods of Steve Jobs medical absences. Tim Cook himself is a brilliant person, and it does not looks like he will let the hopes of the… Continue reading

Steve Job’s First Image After Resignation

It came as a shock for Apple lovers that Steve Jobs (the pioneer of Apple) resigned on this Wednesday. The reason of his resignation was given that he was ill, which is no surprise seeing that he has suffered from a pancreatic cancer and has had to abandon his post as CEO quite frequently for medical reasons. But according to… Continue reading

Apple Releases iTunes 10.4.1 that Fixes Minor Bugs and Performance Issues

iTunes 10.4.1 has just been released by Apple bringing fixes for minor bugs and performance related issues. iTunes 10.4.1 is available for download from Apple’s iTunes download page for both Mac and Windows machines. This update also fixes a problem in iTunes 10.4 where it takes longer than usual time to open when your Mac wakes after sleep. It also… Continue reading

Download Links: iOS 5 Beta 6 and iTunes 10.5 Beta 6

New beta versions of iOS 5 and iTunes 10.5, that are iOS 5 beta 6 and iTunes 10.5 beta 6, were seeded to developers yesterday. These new releases can be downloaded after logging in iPhone Developer Account provided you have already purchased a membership from Apple which costs $99 per year. However, if you don’t have legal account or the… Continue reading