How to Get Answering Machine on iPhone to Replace Native Voicemail App (Cydia Tweak)

Download Answering Machine App for iPhone from Cydia

There are many cellular service providers which don’t provide voice mail or offer only a basic version of Voice Mail. If you are not satisfied with that and want to get an advanced version of the voicemail app, then don’t look back to your provider but install this ultimate Answering Machine app on your iPhone to replace the native voicemail app.

Unjailbreak and Remove Cydia Without Upgrading or Restoring Fresh iOS on Your Device with Cydia Impactor


Do you want to unjailbreak your iOS device, remove Cydia and get back the clean, stock iOS firmware without upgrading to the latest version or restoring the fresh iPSW file? Here comes a new application, called Cydia Impactor, for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that lets you delete and remove everything on your device including Cydia, picture, contacts, bookmarks, history.

Patch SSL Bug Without Upgrading to iOS 6.1.6 and iOS 7.0.6

Ryan Petrich Repo

SSL bug is very serious security threat in which a third party may attack in the middle of secure connection without a warning on the client side. Yesterday Apple released new iOS versions iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 6.1.6 to fix this security flaw in the SSL handling code inside the security framework. Though it is always recommended to upgrade to the latest version especially when there is already jailbreak available for the that, but if you don’t have time now to go through all the upgrading steps, here is a simple tweak which gives the patch on iOS 7.0.5, iOS 7 and iOS 6 devices including the latest 64 bit devices.

Add Transitions and Effects to Homescreen Icons While Flipping Pages on iPhone with Cylinder Tweak, an Alternative of Barrel

r333d repo

When we talk about jailbreak, the barrel is one of the top cydia tweaks which come in our minds. It gives new transitions when flipping the home-screen pages on your iPhone. Though it is not one of those tweaks which is very useful or practical, but it is the best tweak of its category which provides a unique visual effect to the icons while scrolling the homescreen.

Instantly Check Connected WiFi By Replacing Carrier Name with Network Name on iPhone


If many WiFi routers are working around you and your device can connect to all or some of them then there are situations in which you want your iPhone to be connected to a specific WiFi network and ignore the others. One way is to go to Settings app and check the current connected WiFi. If it is not getting signals from the desired router, you have to select the specific SSID (service set identifier) manually and forget the other ones.

UnlockID Allows You to Unlock Mac Using iPhone TouchID

UnlockID Preferences

The first tweak of its type is now available in Cydia store which allows the  users to un-lock their Mac computers using the TouchID feature of iPhone 5S. When you are near to your PC, you can use your fingerprints on iPhone home button sensor to bypass the lock-screen without pressing the keys on keyboard.

Protecti+ iOS 7 Tweak Takes the Privacy to Higher Level on iPhone


By default Apple provides only one solution to protect your device from unauthorized use and that is Passcode lock. Once you have set the passcode then nobody can use your device, except few options which you have enabled to be available on lockscreen like access to camera app, notifications and control centre. But there are many situations in which you want to give access to few features and apps of the iPhone but protect the others.