Universal Video Downloader App Downloads Almost Any Video from Any App on iPhone

This new app “Universal Video Downloader” has become one of my favourite app on my iPhone. I am using it since the day it was launched and I found it one of the best apps to download almost any type of video. I have already used it on some popular sites which I visit daily and found it flawless. Above all it integrates well not only with the native YouTube app but also with the recently released Google’s official YouTube app.

How to Jailbreak iOS 6 B4 With Redsn0w 0.9.13 Dev3

Earlier today Apple released iOS 6 B4 for developers which includes many bug fixes. The new update also brings some important changes for the end users. The most important one is that there won’t be official YouTube app bundled with the stock iOS any more because Apple’s licensing period with Google has ended, and now Google is working on standalone YouTube app which will be available through App Store soon. iOS 6 Beta 4 also brings new privacy settings for Facebook and Twitter. A new Bluetooth sharing menu is included for better sharing option through BT.

Metroon Theme Gives Windows 8 Look To Your iOS UI

Metroon iPhone Theme

One of missing features in iOS is that it doesn’t allow the users to customize the look and general user interface of the operating system. The only thing we can change is the wallpaper, both on homescreen and on lockscreen. This is the main reason many people jailbreak their devices to enjoy a variety of customization options available in Cydia store. With the tweaks and themes in Cydia one can change the every aspect of the iOS.

Dater App Adds Timestamp and Image Info to Photos App [Cydia]


I always wanted to know when I I took the photos present in iPhone Photo App but there is no native solution provided by Apple. One out of many solutions is to install an app from App Store which can extract the exact date and time of the photos. For this purpose my all time favorite is ExifWizard which provides a lot of information like date and time, aperture, exposure, ISO equiv etc. This app can also translate EXIF. However, such apps doesn’t provide one-click solutions.

NotiQuiet Tweak Disables Notification Alerts In Certain Apps

disable notification watching Youtube

New day with new Cydia tweak! NotiQuiet tweak prevents the Notification Centre from showing alerts in certain apps. After installing this tweak from Cydia store, a new set of options is added under Settings.app. From these options you can disable/enable NotiQuiet app any time. You can also choose the apps during which you don’t want to get the alerts.

Certificate Backup App Saves and Restores Push and YouTube Certificates on Hacktivated iPhone

One of the common problems the users of hacktivated iPhone face is the inability of their iPhone to get push notifications. Some users can not connect to youtube servers using the official youtube app on these hacktivated devices. These types of problems arise because we activate the iPhone with Redsn0w or with some other app instead of using the official method which involves connecting the iPhone with iTunes after successful upgrade or restore of iOS on the device.

Run Apps in Windows on iPad with Quasar

Do you want to run multiple apps on your iPad screen? Do you love reading the tweets of your friends while performing some other tasks on your iPad? Well, if you want to open the apps in windows just like on your computer and want to get the real multitasking, Quasar jailbreak tweak is your solution.

CloseEnhancer – More Options to Close Apps in AppSwitcher

There are many tweaks available in Cydia store for jailbroken devices which provides us different options while closing the apps in AppSwitcher. For instance, KillBackground puts a small button on the right-bottom cornder when the icons are in jiggle mode. This small button allows you to close all the apps of AppSwitcher running in background in one tap. Similarly AlwaysClose tweak shortens the closing process. It doesn’t require the apps to be in jiggle mode. After installing AlwaysClose, you’ll always find the close button on the apps.

Redire Tweak Adds Old Camera Icon on iOS 5.1 Lockscreen – No Need to Drag

If you love photography or want to get snaps in hurry, you surely like and use the new camera icon in iOS 5.1 which allows you to open the camera app with one simple drag. All you have to do is to drag up the lockscreen while keeping pressed on camera icon present next to “Slide to Unlock” bar.