Switch Between The Apps In Your iPhone/iPad Like Changing Tabs With “CardSwitcher” [Tweak]

What with hundreds of new tweaks coming up everyday, Cydia has become a gold mine for the iOS. The iOS has become a most useful platform with all app developers working to  improve it. Many great features of other OS have been available for iOS through these jailbreak tweaks. Though Apple has tried implying some of the Android/Windows Phone features to its iOS but has stopped from going too far in fear of a potential court case.

A New Tweak For Your Mobile Safari To Move “Back” and “Forward” More Than Once: BackForwardList

If you are an iOS user, you must know that the default browser for iOS is Mobile Safari and was integrated into iOS as a part of it in 2007. The Back and Forward functions were identical to the ones in Windows & Mac. But as the updated versions of the iOS were released, the possibility of moving back or forward more than one page at once was finished in this Mobile Safari browser. The only way was to use a different browser by jailbreaking your idevice.

MyOS Lets You to Turn On and Turn Off iOS Features in Settings

MyOS is a new tweak available from Cydia Store that can enable and disable the iOS features from within phone Settings without editing any iOS firmware file.
Toggle one or more features and then press the Respring button. By default, only the default features for your platform are enabled as of version 1.0.1. This app requires iOS 4.0+ to work.

MobileWhat Enables FaceTime in Unsupported Countries

MobileWhat is a new app that enables FaceTime in those countries that are not supported natively esp in Middle East. When iPhone 4 was launched in these countries, Apple decided to drop the FaceTime facility due to some controversial reasons.