WeeSlide Notification Widget to Control Volume, Brightness and Wifi Toggle on iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

WeeSlide for Notification is a new tweak available on Cydia Store. It allows you to control Brightness and volume from the notification center. It also has the option to switch on/off the WiFi of the device with single click. I have used and tested many tweaks and apps which give you quick access to these … Continue reading

Switch Between The Apps In Your iPhone/iPad Like Changing Tabs With “CardSwitcher” [Tweak]

What with hundreds of new tweaks coming up everyday, Cydia has become a gold mine for the iOS. The iOS has become a most useful platform with all app developers working to  improve it. Many great features of other OS have been available for iOS through these jailbreak tweaks. Though Apple has tried implying some of the … Continue reading

Want To Keep Your Call History Clear (Or Hidden)? Use HiddenCalllog [Jailbreak Tweak]

Feel that you need a bit more privacy on your call history? Want to keep it away from teasing friends and still keep your call history? Well there is a simple enough and effective jailbreak tweak, just use HiddenCalllog. Well it’s not that great app, but it would fulfill your needs.   HiddenCalllog is a … Continue reading

Multitasking Time 2 Adds WiFi, Battery and Date/Time to Multitasking Bar [Cydia Tweak]

A new tweak is available in Cydia Store that allows users to add WiFi, Battery indicator and/or Date Time to Multitasking Bar. This tweak requires iOS 4.2+ installed on your iDevice. And of course, you should have a jailbroken iDevice to install Multitasking Time 2 on your phone. If you want to jailbreak your device, … Continue reading

Pull To Refresh Safari Tweak: Safari Reloads the Page by Pulling Down Page Just Like Twitter App

Pull To Refresh Safari is a new tweak that adds a new feature in Safari Browser. The tweak adds an interface very similar to that found in most twitter clients and official Facebook app. It allows you to refresh the page in Safari by pulling down the page. This tweak is available via Cydia Store. … Continue reading