Run Apps in Windows on iPad with Quasar

Do you want to run multiple apps on your iPad screen? Do you love reading the tweets of your friends while performing some other tasks on your iPad? Well, if you want to open the apps in windows just like on your computer and want to get the real multitasking, Quasar jailbreak tweak is your solution.

LiveBlogging of Apple iPad 3 Event – No Video Streaming

As usual Apple will neither provide the live video streaming of today’s event nor allow others to do so. But there are few technology blogs which will be posting the live commentary along with images on their websites and blogs.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Absinthe [How to Guide]

We have already told our reader about the release of Absinthe iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2. The readers can download it from our previous post. Once you have download it, come back here to know how to jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Absinthe.

Porting Siri from iPhone 4S to iPad 2

Siri iPad 2

Siri is available exclusively on iPhone 4S, which was announced at “Let’s Talk iPhone” media event. This feature can not be turned on older devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2 until some developers from jailbreak community develop a method to do so.

$60,000 Worth iPads Stolen In Just 60 Seconds

Time does certainly has a value. For those who don’t believe it, just consider having a loss of $60,000 worth iPads in just a minute. Even if you can’t, Best Buy is certainly considering it so. Because, a minute cost them a fortune.

Skype for iPad Available In App Store For Download On Tuesday?

Apparently, it is being claimed that a Skype app optimized for the iPad is going to be live at the App Store as soon as Tuesday. This news spread across the internet when an alleged video promo of Skype for iPad went live on Skype’s YouTube channel. Nevertheless in the video, Skype for iPad definitely looks awesome.

Turn 3G iPad Into A Phone To Make Calls, Send SMS Messages And More

The title itself may make you read it twice. Nevertheless it is true. A new jailbreak tweak called PhoneItiPad is going to be available in Cydia soon and it will allow you to turn your iPad 3G into a fully functional phone that is capable of making calls, sending text messages and even making FaceTime calls. Excited? We are too.

Get Google Voice On iPad Using GV Mobile+

It is now possible to use Google Voice on your iPad. “Original” Google Voice app named GV Mobile+ has now been updated and it now features support for the iPad. GV Mobile+ will now allow you to use Google Voice straight from your iPad.

Browse Internet Faster On The iPad With New Opera Mini Update

Opera, the much loved mobile browser has now released an update of Opera for iOS which brings added support for the iPad. Opera Mini for iPad brings the Opera mobile browser experience to everyone’s beloved Apple tablet. You can now enjoy a shiny new interface and a plethora of new features via the revamped Opera Mini for iOS.