Download biteSMS 8.0 Public Release and BiteSMS 8.1 Beta Release for iOS 7 and iPhone 5S

After many beta releases finally the first public build of biteSMS 8.0 is now available. It supports all major iOS versions including the latest one iOS 7 / iOS 7.0.5 and almost all iOS devices including iPhone 5S. If you don’t know, biteSMS is one of the best alternative of stock messaging app. It has got few highly demanding features… Continue reading

Instantly Check Connected WiFi By Replacing Carrier Name with Network Name on iPhone

If many WiFi routers are working around you and your device can connect to all or some of them then there are situations in which you want your iPhone to be connected to a specific WiFi network and ignore the others. One way is to go to Settings app and check the current connected WiFi. If it is not getting… Continue reading

How to Manage Conference Call on iPhone iOS 7

If you are new to iPhone or recently updated your device to the latest iOS 7 version and you don’t know how to handle the conference call feature in it, here are the steps and tips to manage the conference call on your phone. The whole process is same as you have been doing in the previous version. The only… Continue reading

How to Disable Find My iPhone in iOS 7 Without Password Courtesy of Latest Bug

Apple introduced few more security measurers, besides the usual Passcode, to make the iPhone useless after it has be stolen or robbed in the latest iOS 7 version. Now the device asks you to enter password every time you want to disable the Find My iPhone and to deactivate the same Find My iPhone feature before restoring to new firmware.… Continue reading

Paper App from Facebook Released in AppStore for iPhone, Download it!

Facebook has finally unveiled the new app called Paper which is available in the US App store right now for download. The stores of other counties are still waiting for the app but hopefully within next week the app will be rolled to other regions as well. The first impression of the app is very good. The design is elegant… Continue reading

UnlockID Allows You to Unlock Mac Using iPhone TouchID

The first tweak of its type is now available in Cydia store which allows the  users to un-lock their Mac computers using the TouchID feature of iPhone 5S. When you are near to your PC, you can use your fingerprints on iPhone home button sensor to bypass the lock-screen without pressing the keys on keyboard. Every person in this… Continue reading

iOS 7.0.5 Can Be Jailbroken with Evasi0n 7 But Official Jailbreak Is Little Late

Few hours ago we saw a minor update for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users in the for iOS 7.0.5. The main purpose was to fix the issues and bugs which the users on China Mobile were facing. There is no new feature or any type of enhancement in it. So, you should stay on iOS 7.0.4 if you… Continue reading

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.5 for Affected iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on China Mobile

Apple has just dropped iOS 7.0.5 for the Chinese phones to fix the bugs. Apparently this release is to fix some network issue that the China Mobile users are facing right now. This update will fix all those network fixes. The size of it is about 35.4 MB. It is available through OTA (Over the Air) updater. Initially only the… Continue reading

Protecti+ iOS 7 Tweak Takes the Privacy to Higher Level on iPhone

By default Apple provides only one solution to protect your device from unauthorized use and that is Passcode lock. Once you have set the passcode then nobody can use your device, except few options which you have enabled to be available on lockscreen like access to camera app, notifications and control centre. But there are many situations in which you… Continue reading

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Teardown: Fingerprint Sensor, Bigger Battery and Improved Switches

As iPhone 5s is now available in Australia and some other asian countries officially, a repairing company from Australia, iExperts, took all the three models of iPhone 5 (iPhone 5 original, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5c) and tore them down to get more information of the internal parts. They used Pentalobe screwdriver to remove the bottom screws. The first… Continue reading

How to Improve Battery Life in iOS 7 on iPhone

Finally iOS 7 is here, with all new features and new design. It givers a new look to your device and a lot of areas to explore and to customise according to your needs. But this playing with the iOS 7 costs you shorter battery life. Definitely, when you wake up the device again and again, change and see… Continue reading

iPhone 5C Pre-Order Page Goes Live

Apple unveiled the new iPhone having the external body made up of plastic (polycarbonte) on special event held on Tuesday, September 10. iPhone 5C comes in different colors and you can place a pre-order of your desired colour through Apple’s store or the authorised carriers’ stores. When comparing the specifications of iPhone 5C with original iPhone 5, we don’t see… Continue reading

Unthredera1n To Jailbreak iPhone 4 CDMA Model on iOS 5.1 Released

Well folks, there is new jailbreak tool in the town with the name of Unthredera1n developed by a new team “UnthreadedJB”. Many popular researchers have confirmed that it actually works on specific device and iOS verson. They also mentioned on their website and even through their twitter account several times that they are not fakers. Here are two tweets to… Continue reading