Apple’s Employees Confirmed: A Fairly Different iPhone 5 Just Weeks Away

What with the unlimited amount of rumors about iPhone 5 specs, designs, pictures and whatever, you must have missed a lot of things. But you must have read about Apple releasing the next generation iPhone in October. Till now, it was only a rumor, but now we have confirmed report related to the Apple’s iPhone 5 release. This time,… Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II Sales Likely To Drop After The Release Of iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S II, which was released few months ago, has rocked the Android smartphone market. And it has been at the top in the smartphone market, also beating the longstanding iPhone 4. Take a look at the smartphone market sales till now, So the sales of the Samsung GS II have been the strongest after the iPad… Continue reading

Vodafone UK Suggests: iPhone 5 Will Come In 16/32 GB Size

The next generation iPhone, iPhone 5 is nearing its release date which is hoped to be sometime in October. A lot of rumors have been going on. Many people all over the globe are wondering about the possibly new design, features and memory capacity that this iPhone will bring with it. However, now AppleInsider did some digging, and discovered a… Continue reading

Sprint to Offer Unlimited Data Plan to iPhone 5 Users, Blackout Issued for First Half of October

You would probably know about the upcoming product of the tech giant Apple, iPhone 5, unless you live under a rock or something.You must know about the upcoming iPhone even if you are not an Apple fan but you have any one of modern smartphone. Rumors are flying around the globe about the yet-to-be-released iPhone 5, but a small picture… Continue reading

Best Buy Arranging A Meeting Beforehand: Chances For A Mid-October iPhone 5 Release High

Some of the recent iPhone 5 rumors were that iPhone 5 would be released in mid-October Earlier some people, however, expected its release in September but as we are already in September and yet we didn’t have a press event, it seems now the next “World iPhone 5” will be released in next month, according to this new… Continue reading

iPhone 5 Being Assembled: Will Be Ready To Release By October [Report]

The rumor mill has been in action since the first couple of rumors about the new upcoming Apple gadget, iPhone 5. Many claims have been made predicting the release of iPhone 5. Though now, an Apple inside information source AppleInsider report that they are sure that the iPhone 5 release would be in mid-October. Another Japanese site, Macotakara reported… Continue reading

SF Weekly Contradicts Last Statement: San Francisco Police did Assist Apple Employees For Lost iPhone 5 Prototype Search

Again and again, news and rumors are coming out of the bag about the lost prototype iPhone 5. First, CNET exclusively revealed that Apple lost a prototype iPhone in a San Francisco Bar, Cava  22 and San Francisco Police officers assisted Apple in search for it. Then the San Francisco Weekly reported that their was no lost iPhone prototype, or… Continue reading

Did Apple Really Lose An iPhone 5 Prototype?

Just two days ago, it was reported by CNET, a popular tech blog, that Apple lost an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar Cava22. And now another site says Apple never lost its iPhone 5. Nobody could have doubted in this exclusive news by such a reliable source, CNET. Even we reported this news on our siteContinue reading

Unreleased iPhone (iPhone 5) Lost By An Apple Employee In A Bar

Apple faces yet another loss after the departure of Steve Jobs. Apple seems to have again lost an unreleased iPhone  5 in a bar through its employee. CNET has reported that it was Cava22, the San Francisco bar where another unreleased iPhone apparently went missing. This lost iPhone was a nearly priceless prototype of the upcoming iPhone 5. Apple… Continue reading

iPhone 5 With A Smaller Screen And A Metal Back?

Yet another piece of information has come to light regarding the elusive details of the iPhone 5. Frankly, it’s gets a little difficult to make head and toe with all the reports that come out and contradict each other. But that is what the rumor mill is all about. One day you get excited about the possibility of a spanking new feature and the next day, BAM! It’s no more.  So let me spare you of my random musings and come to the point of the latest report that has been made aware courtesy Digitimes.


iPhone 5 Parts: Back Cover, Camera, Battery, Power Flex, Buzzer and Volume Flex Leaked

We have already written few articles about the specifications of upcoming iPhone 5 based on some rumors and some leaked parts of front and back covers of iPhone 5. This time we are going to share some more images of internal parts of this “World iPhone 5“. These images are posted on MacPost. According to MacPost, the… Continue reading

Dual Mode (CDMA/GSM) iPhone 5 Under Testing, App Log Reveals

It is widely speculated that Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 will be a “World iPhone”, having the ability to work on two types of networks. It will be compatible with both CDMA and GSM based networks. Earlier we have received some hints through reliable sources and from iOS 5 files that Apple might release one iPhone for both networks,… Continue reading

Get Free iPhone 3GS from Best Buy for Today Only: Hot Deal

Well, if you have never used any iOS device, it’s good chance for you  to get one as Best Buy is offering free iPhone 3GS. This hot deal is attached with AT&T’s 2 years agreement. As you know iPhone 5 is around the corner. It is being expected ( or confirmed by many reliable sources) that iPhone 5 will… Continue reading